Thursday, February 20, 2014

I don't know about cancer

I always said that if I ever got cancer I would treat it naturally. I've heard, as I'm sure many of you have, of people fighting cancer naturally and winning. My question is where? and with what regimen?

So I'm diagnosed with cancer December 2012 and we start our research. We looked at the Gerson Therapy (Mexico), a natural therapy in Santa Fe, a natural doc in NY, who didn't talk much about Thyroid Cancer treatment, Gerson Plus Therapy (Mexico) and the Burzinski clinic in Houston. Bursinsky clinic couldn't help me unless I had my thyroid removed (per FDA). The Gerson Plus Therapy included all the other clinic's therapy components plus some, except the NY clinic which was based on eating protein. So the GPT seemed like the best choice at the time.

So the question is, knowing what I know now what would I do if put in the same position.  I would still have fought my cancer naturally but wouldn't have paid the Gerson Plus Therapy clinic a ridiculous sum of money to do so. Going to them has been my only regret. I'm not sure that my type of cancer can be cured naturally. I'm not sure if that type of treatment works. Maybe if you have no job, no kids, a maid, a personal servant and assistant and no family. The regimen was impossible. There was no time left for my children, my husband, to attend church, to see my friends, or to do anything! And one of their main components is "Get plenty of rest and reduce stress." REALLY? WHEN? Before we went I laid out my day to day schedule and explained our life with 4 little ones to the doc and he said he thought it was possible if I had help. Well my brother lived with us for months helping and my friend even came in every day to help with the kids and it was still overwhelming.

The regimen also requires no fat intake; no meat, no avocado, no eggs, no beans, no protien of any kind. My brain was STARVING!! I felt like I was going crazy and started to become depressed. It wasn't until we added healthy fats back into my diet that my brain regulated and started acting normally again. Needless to say last year was super tough.

In an attempt to help combat the cancer we bought a water ionizer which is supposed to increase the PH of your drinking water which in turn will increase your body's PH. The saying I believe is "cancer can't survive in an alkaline environment." I also added alkaline foods to my diet and when I first tested my PH, before the ionizer came in, I was 8.5 ph. So the water Ionizer could only make things better, right?

What I didn't realize at the time is that not all cancer reacts the same. Not all cancer feeds on sugar, so eliminating sugar won't work for all cancer types. Not all cancers die in an alkaline environment. Not all cancer responds to natural treatment.

We were monitoring my tumor size through my PCP who in turn was supposed to send the results to my Doc in Mexico. I don't know why in this information age but these two docs could not or would not communicate. When my doc here told me that my doc in Mexico would respond I would email him. He would then respond to my PCP's questions to me. I'm not a doctor. Talk to each other!!! It was frustrating to say the least. So I thought, if they communicated great if not no worries because my PCP physicians assistant would call us and read us the results of the ultrasound, right?

Around Thanksgiving last year I got a call from my PCP's assistant with the results from my latest ultrasound. She said the radiologist wrote that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and I need to seek medical attention immediately. What? This hit us like a train going sideways because all the other reports stated 'no change', so how could this be. We were on vacation at the time, driving through the mountains, I was able to confirm what she said but wasn't able to ask any questions before we got cut off. Ugh.

When we get back we made an appointment with an oncologist who confirmed with a CT scan that the cancer has spread to the lymnodes on the right side of my neck but hasn't spread anywhere else. Come to find out each ultrasound was showing suspicious lymph nodes but no one was reading that part of the report. They were only looking at the main tumor size and reporting that to us. sigh.

So here we are exactly two weeks after surgery. I've had my thyroid and 40 lymph nodes removed from the right side of my neck. We are working on drying up my milk supply so we can proceed with the Radioactive iodine to kill any cancerous thyroid cells that may still be present.

I don't regret fighting the cancer naturally. I would do it again to get to breast feed my baby for a year and have the chance of keeping my thyroid. I would just do it myself with coffee breaks, juicing, a healthy diet, exercise and ionized water. I'm not sure it would have cured the cancer but it would have been less stressful than the Gerson Plus Therapy.

I write this to let ya'll know what has been going on and to inform anyone else who finds themselves in my shoes. I met a lady at church who said her sister had paid the money and went to the Gerson Plus therapy clinic and is  now having chemo done because it didn't work. Has anyone out there had their cancer cured using the Gerson Plus Therapy or Gerson Therapy or any other natural or alternative therapy? please leave me a comment I'm very interested to know.

PS I know that the doc would say the therapy didn't work for us because we didn't stick to it COMPLETELY. I say again, it is humanly impossible to stick to unless you are waited on hand and foot and even then it sucks. I did it completely, no cheating, for 4 months and it was misery definitely not worth the emotional and monetary sacrifice.

Sorry this is all over the place. thanks to all of you who support us prayerfully. Thank you to our family and friends who have helped us through it all, especially my brother who put up with us for so long. And a huge special thanks to my husband, my rock, my best friend, you are amazing!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wow!! Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement. What a blessing your words and prayers are to me. 

Some of the comments seemed sad and I couldn't figure it out until I reread my post. Gosh! I didn't mean for it to come across so gloomy. I mean hopeless was a resident in my heart a few months ago but no more.

The Lord has given me a sense of peace. I wrote it not with tears in my eyes but with a smile in my heart. Submitted to God's will. 

I still don't have the results but the pain has definitely subsided, praise The Lord and I have peace.

 I plan on updating y'all about my funny happenings and life with my babies. Love to you all, goodnight!