Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Adoption post!

This is my first post about our adoption. We haven't made it public yet but we have shared with a few our heart for rescuing our two angels from Eastern Europe.

Our Home study is scheduled for this Sunday and we have been working like mad to get things straightened up. A task that I didn't think would be very daunting until we got started. Almost everything is going wrong. Just little yucky things that take up time and money. For example, my hard drive quitting, the A/C in the house freezing up, losing the only key to my car, of course a regular spare won't work they have to be programmed, having to do the 10 loads of laundry that I was behind on 3 times b/c someone (a cotton-tailed rat) has some incontinence issue when he finds himself on newly washed clothes, he now finds himself outside, and the worst thing of all my Caius isn't feeling so great and we don't know why. :-(

Although as for the adoption process... things are going GREAT! Josh found a great priced office that he will be moving into this evening, so that will free up the other room. Yay!!