Sunday, June 10, 2012


Actually it was a super surprise to us but we are very excited to welcome a baby girl in October!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yes, Yes, Yes

I know I haven't blogged in forever!! I'm sorry. But here are some pics for ya'll. All the boys are doing great. Bohdan's birthday is today and Asher's was a month ago, both sweeties are 4 years old. A fact that Asher is continually reminding me of, except when he gets too excited about it the number become 4 days but who's counting?
Yuri is doing absolutley amazing and is even WALKING!! Michelle sent me a video the other day, I think I watched over 10 times, such a miracle. Not to mention, Yuri has turned into a chunky monkey.

Easter Sunday with my handsome boys!

 The boys FAVORITE thing! Riding their scooters, they are my little biker gang.

 Bohdan getting his reading in for the day. :o)

My beautiful Caius  playing with his bubbles. This boy is serious about his bubbles.

4th Birthday!! 

 Bohdi and his budda belly. Can you believe he has gotten SO big?

This pic was taken before I cut Caius' hair. He was playing with his shadow while throwing dirt in his hair. He loves to sit in the dirt and throw it on his head.  

  Big brother giving little brother a ride. It is usually Asher and Bohdan riding around together. They have developed the cutest friendship.

Ok I know you all think you have the best dog but I hate to tell you... we do. Look at this. Asher picked out which party hat she was supposed to wear and wear it she did!  

She does love her boys and they love her. I love Bohdi's face in this pic, he really enjoys the Ipad and he is so smart, he has figured out how to turn it on, unlock it and go in between his favorite games. No one taught him this, btw, he just picked it up. He is one smart cookie. 

Mr. Handsome.

I've got some big news for ya'll as soon as I can get my phone to dowload pics I will share. :o)