Sunday, May 26, 2013


Latest update: we are doing good! My tumor isn't gone or even smaller but all in all we are well! I feel good and am figuring out our new super duper hectic schedule. Danica and I are figuring out our nursing schedule on the days we have to get the boys to therapy early. My doctor said I have to de stress my life if I'm going to beat this cancer. The thought is laughable but we are trying! The bathroom has been fixed and the water damage cleaned up.

The plumber that came out to fix our shower didn't charge us to unclog it. Wow! Thank you Lord! We still have tiles missing but it's functional. Someone is coming to look at the roof, praying for good news there.

My brother went home and is now getting married to an awesome young lady!!! Yeehaw!!! I have a new helper that helps me through the week. She is wonderful and such a blessing!!!

Asher just finished preschool and is excited about his summer. I think we are going to get a membership at the YMCA and Schlitterbahn in order to increase the oxygen in my blood, stress relief and summer fun!

Praise!!!! Caius and Bohdan are WALKING! Walking!! Walking!!! Granted not in public but definitely around the house. Caius was so excited when he figured out he could walk AND carry stuff around!!

Bohdan has two more weeks in his preschool. His RAD is getting worse and he is overall an unhappy child. He has lost a pound in the last few months. We have an appointment with an endocrinologist. I'm hoping whatever is causing his small stature has something to do with his moods. He is working on learning to chew and trying new textures.

Caius is doing good and is three years old all the way, with all the glory that entails!!! He is learning to drink liquids, it is slow going but getting better. His therapist recommended an awesome cup made by Aventi, it is no spill and liquid only pours out when he tips is up. His nose/upper lip pushes the button to allow the liquid to flow. Really cool! Especially for Caius who can't use sippy cups or straws.

Danica is awesome!! I didn't know how much I would love having a baby girl. She prefers playing with her brother's matchbox cars!! She is an easy laid back baby. She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth while she watches her brothers run around. Oh how she wants to join them. Not long now!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!
Prayer requests:
that my cancer will go away quickly!
For Bohdan and ALL his issues.
For wisdom regarding the boys schooling next year, we are at a loss and don't know what to do.