Monday, March 18, 2013

In the trenches...

Just a quick update and plea for prayer.

We have been home from Mexico about a month and a half and admittedly it is harder than I expected. We work from early in the morning until right at bedtime and still don't get everything done. Josh said that he looks forward to going to work so he can have a break.

Another hard part is the food. No salt = ICK!! I am to the point that I dread eating and just force it down out of necessity. The juices are yummy though and I look forward to them. Praise The Lord my brother is still here. He makes most of my juices during the week which takes well over an hour and a half each day.

Then there is the house.... The dishwasher is broken and won't turn on. We were only using one shower since the other one needed regrouting and drain help. Last week the tiles started falling off the wall in the first shower. Then tonight we noticed the carpet in the boys room is wet and growing mold under Caius' crib and bookshelf. We think a crack in the tile in the shower we use has been leaking water. Not to mention our roof is in need of repair and this last storm took off more shingles than I expected. Plus while I was gone we needed A/C maintenance and they found mold in our ducts!!! We had to put in a special thingy for that.

Things are REALLY hard right now and I'm emotionally spent. Good news is that my God is greater than all this. He WILL heal me in HIS time and HE will carry us through these trenches and valleys. Thank you all for your continued prayers.