Go For It!!

After Josh and I knew the Lord was calling us to adopt our boys and we had started the process, doubt set in. I was questioning the logistics of it all. Unbeknown to me, so was Josh. I was super worried one day and was laying down with my little one. The night before I had pulled a devotional book out of our book shelf. I have owned this book for over six years and it has been on our bookshelf ever since. I sat on the bed overwhelmed and I asked God for guidance. I picked up the book and opened it. It fell to a devotion that read 'Go For It.' I instantly had peace. When Josh got home we were sitting on the back porch and he asked me, "How in the heck are we gonna afford this?" I said "Funny you should ask. I asked God that today and this is what he gave me."

From Charles Swindoll's book Day by Day page 73.
Go For It
 Luke 5:1-10
In his fine little book  Fully Human, Fully Alive, Author John Powell relates an experiences of a friend who was vacationing in the Bahamas. The friend was site seeing when he noticed a crowd gathered toward the end of a pier. He walked down to investigate the commotion. Powell says :  
         "…he discovered that the object of all the attention was a young man making the last minute preparations for a solo journey around the world in a home made boat. Without exception everyone on the pier was pessimistic. All were actively volunteering to tell the ambitious sailor all the things that could possibly go wrong.... When my friend heard all these discouraging warnings to the adventurous young man, he felt an irresistible desire to offer some optimism and encouragement.  As the little craft began drifting away from the pier towards the horizon, my friend kept shouting: "BON VOYAGE! You're really  something!  We're with you. We're proud of you!"

How few are those who see beyond the danger...who say to those on the edge of some venture, "Go for it!" Funny, isn't it? I suppose it's related to one's inner ability to imagine, to envision, to be enraptured by the unseen, all the hazards and hardships notwithstanding.
How glad I am that certain visionaries refused to listen to the crowd on the pier. I'm glad....
  • that Edison didn't give up on the light bulb
  • that Luther refused to back down
  • that Michelangelo kept painting
  • that Lindbergh kept flying
  • that Papa Ten Boom said "yes" to frightened Jews
Almost every day -certainly every week- we encounter people who are in their own homemade boat, thinking seriously about setting forth.  The ocean of possibilities is enormously inviting, yet terribly threatening.  Urge them on! Dare to say what they need to hear the most, "Go for it!"  Then pray like mad. How much could be accomplished if only there were more brave souls on the end of the pier smiling and affirming.
Most of the time it's not a matter of having the goods, but of hearing the bads