Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wow!! Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement. What a blessing your words and prayers are to me. 

Some of the comments seemed sad and I couldn't figure it out until I reread my post. Gosh! I didn't mean for it to come across so gloomy. I mean hopeless was a resident in my heart a few months ago but no more.

The Lord has given me a sense of peace. I wrote it not with tears in my eyes but with a smile in my heart. Submitted to God's will. 

I still don't have the results but the pain has definitely subsided, praise The Lord and I have peace.

 I plan on updating y'all about my funny happenings and life with my babies. Love to you all, goodnight!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I can't do it.

I am weak.

I thought I was busy.... I had no idea.

I am completely reliant on The Lord.

This cancer has taken me to a new level of brokenness. This cancer treatment is hard with 4 lils at home. 

Oh Lord, have mercy on me, I need healing!!

I have been so stressed about this regime that I have failed. 

People tell me I'm brave. Random strangers tell me I'm strong. People act like I have something special that allows me to survive under this burden. I do.

It's someone, Jesus. My Jesus! I have lost sight. I've put more trust in my ability to follow the cancer regime than His ability to heal. I have failed and now I'm sitting here in a waiting room waiting for an ultrasound on my neck that is swollen and painful.

Oh Lord have mercy on me and heal me please!

I'm often told I should blog. I agree. I have no idea when or if anyone would read the ramblings a of a broken human but we shall see.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Latest update: we are doing good! My tumor isn't gone or even smaller but all in all we are well! I feel good and am figuring out our new super duper hectic schedule. Danica and I are figuring out our nursing schedule on the days we have to get the boys to therapy early. My doctor said I have to de stress my life if I'm going to beat this cancer. The thought is laughable but we are trying! The bathroom has been fixed and the water damage cleaned up.

The plumber that came out to fix our shower didn't charge us to unclog it. Wow! Thank you Lord! We still have tiles missing but it's functional. Someone is coming to look at the roof, praying for good news there.

My brother went home and is now getting married to an awesome young lady!!! Yeehaw!!! I have a new helper that helps me through the week. She is wonderful and such a blessing!!!

Asher just finished preschool and is excited about his summer. I think we are going to get a membership at the YMCA and Schlitterbahn in order to increase the oxygen in my blood, stress relief and summer fun!

Praise!!!! Caius and Bohdan are WALKING! Walking!! Walking!!! Granted not in public but definitely around the house. Caius was so excited when he figured out he could walk AND carry stuff around!!

Bohdan has two more weeks in his preschool. His RAD is getting worse and he is overall an unhappy child. He has lost a pound in the last few months. We have an appointment with an endocrinologist. I'm hoping whatever is causing his small stature has something to do with his moods. He is working on learning to chew and trying new textures.

Caius is doing good and is three years old all the way, with all the glory that entails!!! He is learning to drink liquids, it is slow going but getting better. His therapist recommended an awesome cup made by Aventi, it is no spill and liquid only pours out when he tips is up. His nose/upper lip pushes the button to allow the liquid to flow. Really cool! Especially for Caius who can't use sippy cups or straws.

Danica is awesome!! I didn't know how much I would love having a baby girl. She prefers playing with her brother's matchbox cars!! She is an easy laid back baby. She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth while she watches her brothers run around. Oh how she wants to join them. Not long now!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!
Prayer requests:
that my cancer will go away quickly!
For Bohdan and ALL his issues.
For wisdom regarding the boys schooling next year, we are at a loss and don't know what to do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

In the trenches...

Just a quick update and plea for prayer.

We have been home from Mexico about a month and a half and admittedly it is harder than I expected. We work from early in the morning until right at bedtime and still don't get everything done. Josh said that he looks forward to going to work so he can have a break.

Another hard part is the food. No salt = ICK!! I am to the point that I dread eating and just force it down out of necessity. The juices are yummy though and I look forward to them. Praise The Lord my brother is still here. He makes most of my juices during the week which takes well over an hour and a half each day.

Then there is the house.... The dishwasher is broken and won't turn on. We were only using one shower since the other one needed regrouting and drain help. Last week the tiles started falling off the wall in the first shower. Then tonight we noticed the carpet in the boys room is wet and growing mold under Caius' crib and bookshelf. We think a crack in the tile in the shower we use has been leaking water. Not to mention our roof is in need of repair and this last storm took off more shingles than I expected. Plus while I was gone we needed A/C maintenance and they found mold in our ducts!!! We had to put in a special thingy for that.

Things are REALLY hard right now and I'm emotionally spent. Good news is that my God is greater than all this. He WILL heal me in HIS time and HE will carry us through these trenches and valleys. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Last day in Mexico!!

We spoke to the doctor today and he agreed to let me go home a day early! Yippee!! I get to see my sweet boys tomorrow!!
I gave myself an injection today. I only used a 1 inch needle so the poke wasn't bad. The fluid going in hurt though. I wish I knew how the nurses do it without causing any pain. Josh will do the one in the morning so he will know how also.
I got my catheter taken out today. Yikes that thing was huge!! We took a picture of it that I will post later.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Now the hard part of this fight against cancer starts. Implementing this at home will take some getting used to. But it's only for 2 years so it should go by quickly Lord willing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I had every intention to post last night (well and eat and drink and move) but I had a bad reaction. I couldn't stand up, or move my head or open my eyes without feeling very sick, dizzy and nauseous . It sucked. Granted it only lasted about 2 hours but still.

We learned how to do injections today, scary stuff. I guess they put the whole 1.5 inch needle in my rear every morning. Yikes!! I'm gonna have to do it in the AM to myself. I'm a wee bit terrified.

I started crying today when they came to give me the Autologous vaccine. I'm such a weenie. In my own defense, they said the Coley's shot wouldn't hurt and this one would feel like a bee sting. Well, the Coley's shot hurt really bad and I couldn't use my arm for the rest of the day so this shot was terrifying!!! They iced my leg, they didn't for the others which furthered my hysteria, and then brought over a 1.5 inch needle and that is when I lost it. Josh talked me down and the doc gave me the shot. It was nothing. Praise Jesus! I didn't even feel the needle. The injection did feel a little bit like a bee sting but not bad since it was numbed. The doc said that the other doc must have hit a nerve with the other shot.

Josh and I took a long walk on the beach a few days ago in the morning and saw a baby sea lion!!! It was awesome! He actually looked sad though like he was lost or maybe that is just how sea lions look. I think it was a sea lion instead of a seal because he had ear flaps. We got within 50 feet of him. We also watched the pod of dolphins the day before for quite a while and saw 3 of them ride a wave together. Very cool!

2 more days till I get to see my boys!!!! yippee!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 13

Today is done and tomorrow will be better. I received the Coley's toxins around 8:45am and the injection hurt, bad. By 9am I couldn't move my arm. This made nursing Danica difficult. Praise The Lord my reaction was minimal, No doubt because of prayer. My stomach was upset, my coffee breaks were hard and I was depressed but past that I was fine. Well.., except for my arm, which still hurts.

I'm not out if the woods yet though. Because they have it to me subcutaneously it can cause a reaction up to a few days after injection. Yippee..,(sarcasm font needed).

Prayer requests;
Danica isn't sleeping and today screamed a lot. She seems well except for this.

My state of mind. One of the symptoms of this treatment is intermittent depression. This one is hitting me hard. So hard that I'm not just depressed, I'm also ANGRY. Not necessarily at anything and I'm quietly angry. It feels awful. I do not like this state. My depression/anger isn't directed toward anything in particular; sometimes the food makes it worse or the pain. Sometimes it flares at the thought that this treatment will continue for 2 years and that makes me feel angry and then hopeless. It's odd that I'm rarely angry at the cancer. It's like it's not completely real. I don't know. Somedays when I'm not having a reaction I feel fine, hopeful. This anger isn't rational and is obviously a side effect But it still stinks.

Thank you all again for your support and continued prayers.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 12

I am SO blessed! I was thinking today about how blessed I am.

I am blessed to have 4 wonderful and beautiful children. I am blessed to have family and friends who step in to care for them when things get rough. I am blessed to have a husband whose qualities I cannot even begin to list. I am blessed with an amazing brother who has put his life on hold to help us fight this cancer. I am blessed to have sister in laws that will put up with me for weeks at a time in foreign countries.
That's mostly what I was thinking about today as Becky left. It was hard to hold back the tears as we said goodbye. I am so thankful to her for coming to help me here in Tijana, Mexico. Her help, support, and friendship made this hard time easier. Thank you Becky, love ya!
Josh has been playing with Danica all afternoon and enjoying every minute of it. One of my dear nurses watched Danica so Josh and I could go walking on the beach together. It was very nice.
I'm having anxiety about tomorrow. In the morning I will be fasting and they will give me the Coley's toxins thru injection. This one comes with quite the reaction so I have heard. Plus reaction means its working. I do want my cancer gone but gosh I dont want to feel bad. I'm a big baby.
Praise! My tumor has been hurting. Mostly around the edges. It is angry which is just how I want it to be until it is gone.
Praise The Lord for the great things He has done!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 11- sorry about the text can't figure it out

I guess my blog settings have changed and I didn't see any of your comments until late last night. Thank you ALL for your continued support and prayers. The most common question people are asking me is "what is a coffee break?" Well...... Coffee breaks are actually retained coffee enemas. I do 5 a day. I was struggling with them at first but now I look forward to them. They make me feel so much better. If I have a headache or felt achy all over, I just take a coffee break and voila I feel better. I snagged this from the gerson website

The coffee enemas are a must for anyone doing the Gerson Therapy. As the juices begin rebuilding the body and encouraging toxins to be released from the cells into the bloodstream, a great deal of stress is placed upon the liver. The liver alone, especially in cancer patients, cannot deal with a sudden influx of toxins into the bloodstream. The coffee enemas increase liver filtering, greatly aiding the liver’s ability to remove serum toxins. Coffee enemas are used to increase the liver’s detoxification capacity. Certain substances in the coffee stimulate an important detoxification enzyme in the liver as well as dilate the bile ducts and increase the flow of bile. 

Keep in mind I'm not just doing the Gerson therapy, I'm actually doing the Gerson Plus therapy which builds upon the original gerson therapy. My day is full. I asked them to start it at 5am instead of the usual 7am so we can grab some time to head to the beach. They start with a B-12 and liver injection in my hip followed by my IV injection of Leatril, to weaken the malignant cells, and high dose Vitamin C to kill them. After that is done they administer Cartilage therapy through my IV, which has healing and anti-tumor effects, and then Urea, used for tumor debulking. All the IVs go through my catheter in my chest. 

Breakfast comes at 8:30am along with the first of 13 juices. Breakfast is always oatmeal, a piece of toast and fruit, fresh or stewed. Different juices then come every hour on the hour until 8pm. They have been bringing me double juices since I'm breast feeding. Its a lot of liquid.  Lunch and dinner are at 12pm and 5 pm and I am required to finish most of my meal. As they say here, my food is my medicine.

 My coffee breaks are at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. I can't stick to those exact times as good on the account that I nurse Danica 5 to 6 times per day, not including the nightly feedings she has restarted. With almost every juice comes supplements that I need to take.

My IVs will stop next Wednesday and I will start on two new injections that I will continue once home. Josh and I are going to have to learn how to give injections. 

Today we went for an hour long walk on the beach. Becky leaves tomorrow. There were a few people riding horses on the beach again and one of the gentlemen waved, brought his horse over and had his horse bow down. I totally missed it but Becky said it was cool. rats! 

I haven't had anymore bad reactions, praise God. Everything seems to be going smoothly, except that I am home sick something awful. Oh how I miss my boys.

 Aunt Becky playing with Danica, those two have such a great time together. I caught them doing this after one of my coffee breaks. Superman!!

Here was our nice cowboy on the beach. Really wish I could have gotten a picture of the horse bowing down, (or seen it for that matter).

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 10

Its Friday, I've been told. All the days are running together at this point. I had the nurse start my IVs at 5 am this morning so we could make sure and make it to the beach.  Yesterday we tried to go but it was too late by the time I got unhooked from my IV meds. Today worked much better and I was done by noon. Danica is doing well as you will see from her pictures. 
The quality isn't great but she is still cute!
I plan on writing a post to walk ya'll through a normal day here but it won't be tonight. I'm super tired as Danica has decided to quit sleeping through the night. She is well though so praise the Lord for that. 
Thank you all for your support and prayers. Special thanks to those helping with my kiddos back home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 8

One week down and two to go!

The Doctor came in today and did another physical and went over my blood work. No other cancer markers were found except for my thyroid globulin was extremely high. Go figure. He actually said these words, "I could just kick myself for not taking a picture of it (my tumor) right when you got here. It has gone down considerably." Praise the Lord the great physician!

He said the only lymph nodes that were swollen were on the right side of my neck next to the tumor.

 We went to the beach again today, does wonders for my spirits. Isn't this beautiful?
How much fun would it be to ride a horse on the beach. We've seen it a bunch. Here and in South Padre but never actually done it.

 I put these pics up on FB already but posting them here for my non FB family to see.

I continue to struggle with the food here. It is part of my medicine and although its not a stretch from my normal diet, beside being completely vegetarian and vegan, the lack of taste is starting to get to me. They purposefully keep the food bland in order to make it easier on my detoxing body. Not to mention the premise of the Gerson diet is extreme protein and sodium restriction. Please pray for me. Thanks.

Danica is still congested in the mornings and continues to cough to get stuff out of her lungs but overall is doing much better. The doctor said that both of our lungs sound clear. Praise Jesus.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. We have a very long road ahead but we can already see the Lord working and healing.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 6

Josh left today at 2:30 am to get across the border to go home and Becky got here at lunch. This morning was colder but at least it wasn't raining. It warmed up a bit so Becky and I went to the beach this afternoon. It was SO nice to get out of this room. I've been feeling down and a wee bit trapped.

I will say that to this point my most popular feeling is to run. Not necessarily TO anything but just away from the idea of cancer. I feel fine. Except for the lump, I'm not aware that I have cancer. Its seems that I'm going through all of this, mainly being away from my boys for no good reason. I keep having to remind myself that this is real. Cancer is real. I have cancer. I'm doing this for my children. It is all a strange sensation.

Today we started the day like normal with my injection and then starting my IV fluids that run from 7am until around 2 or 3 pm. The nurse put a clay pack on my tumor and let it dry. After that I took a shower and we changed the dressing on my catheter. Here is a pic of my catheter held in by stitches.  Please don't mind my ridiculous face.

 More beautiful pic of the beach. Loved going down there. It did a lot of good for my attitude.

Danica and her aunt catching up on emails.

Danica and I are feeling better. Not 100% but definitely on our way. yippee!
Josh made it home safely. Becky made it here safely.
For no flare ups or reactions yesterday or today.
For being able to fall asleep in my hubby's arms last night.
For sunshine!
For the wonderful staff here.
Thank you Jesus!!

Prayer requests:
God's continued healing
For time to fly by quickly so I can get home to my boys! Oh how I miss them.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 4

Today was remarkably better! Praise Jesus! I only had a tiny flare up today but I took a nap and a coffee break (not at the same time) and felt better right away. Plus the flare up was minor aches and no shaking.

Even though I haven't had another ultrasound to get an actual measurement, from the outside my tumor feels smaller. Granted I can still feel it and see it but it isn't as prevalent. Yippee!!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Josh got here last night and has been a huge help.  I've decided I just have a cold because my aches are gone. Danica has serious congestion and a bad cough and now Josh says he doesn't feel right. His tummy is upset and he feels nauseous. ugh. Granted he could just be detoxing. I was having those symptoms the first full day here. I gave him some ginger root so hopefully he will feel better.

Specific Prayer Requests:
Danica to be well!
Josh to feel better.
Continued healing.

Praise be to God!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 3

Each day is proving to be harder than the one before. I had a flare up and/or another reaction today except this one was quite terrible. Mainly I think because I also got the flu or a cold today also, yippee. The doctor said that it is possible that I'm having a flare up so soon because my previous diet gave me a good immune system that is responding well to the treatment.

I have to say I actually started looking forward to my coffee breaks today. With all the toxins leaving my body the coffee breaks actually expel the toxins and help with the reaction. For example I had a horrible head ache this morning after my reaction and once I took my coffee break it was gone. The coffee breaks have gotten more tolerable and not as painful. Praise Jesus!

We were up at 6am again today and my injection and IV meds started at 7am. If the injection yesterday was a 1 then the one this morning was a .5! Thank you Lord! They changed the IV med that gave me a reaction yesterday so I was nervous when they gave me that today but it was fine. Then they started the second round of IV meds right before breakfast at 8:30am and at 8:55am I was being helped back up to my room with violent shakes. My temperature jumped up to 103 degrees plus. It was very painful, the shakes lasted for about 30 minutes and then I was sore the rest of the morning from the shakes.

The staff here is really great and they stayed with me and watched Danica while I was having my reaction. Even though they are great and even hold her while I eat, I was still having a hard time once they left. Josh flew in this evening to help me through the weekend until Becky, my sis-in-law, comes on Sunday.

Danica is sick. I think this would be a hard treatment plan normally, then add in a baby, then add in you have a cold and on top of that add a sick baby. ugh.

I'm so thankful that Josh is here now. I am thankful that we have the option to get this treatment. I'm thankful that I can still breast feed Danica. I'm thankful for my boys who are well and happy. Thankful for an amazing family that is helping with me and the boys back home. Thankful for all of you and your prayers.

Specific Prayer requests:
My cold/flu to go away
healing of the cancer
no more reactions to meds

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 2

Thank you all who left me messages on FB or through email. It brightens my spirits to hear from you. I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to each one but my days are very busy. Just know I look forward to them and appreciate them.

My brother left last night so today was my first day all by myself. It started early with Danica waking up to feed at 6am. She has gotten back on a good schedule now and it doing better to sleep through the night, Praise God!

The nurse gave me my injection this morning. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most painful I would rank the injection from last night as an 11 and the one this morning as a 1. It was night and day. I know many of you were praying about that injection specifically and I thank you for it. Praise the Lord! He answers prayers.

After a few crossed paths I finally got in to see the surgeon today who put a catheter in the right side of my chest under my collar bone. It was extremely painful all afternoon and made nursing Dani or even lifting her very hard. The pain has subsided and I now have use of my arm. It is painful to the touch, they put in stitches to hold it into place. I'm sure I will get more and more used to it as time goes on.

I started my IV treatments this afternoon. I had a normal but intense reaction to one of them and started shaking kind of bad. It only lasted for 20 minutes but it did make feeding the baby and changing her diaper difficult. I ended up calling in the doctor and he held Danica while I waited out the shaking.

The coffee breaks were easier today and I didn't dread them as much as yesterday. I'm hoping to get better and better about them and able to retain them longer to speed up the detoxification process.

This evening I was able to share our adoption testimony with the doctor and his wife. They were very excited to hear it.

Specific prayer requests:
I think Danica and possibly myself are getting a cold.
Asher, Bohdan, and Caius back home, they might be getting sick. ugh
God's continued healing.
For the coffee breaks to be easier.

This is the view from the balcony where I eat lunch. 

These are the pictures from the beach from the night before

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 1

We had some internet problems so the post from yesterday published today but the internet is fixed now. Unfortunately skype only works with video or audio not both at the same time. At least I get to see my boys, oh how I miss them.

When the Lord led us down this alternative medicine route we knew it would be tough and to be completely honest it is really tough. Today we continued on the diet and the coffee breaks. If you want to more about those you can read about it here. My body started to cramp during the coffee breaks so I was quite uncomfortable all afternoon. I have finally gotten relief tonight, praise the Lord.

We walked down to the beach to watch the sunset, it was beautiful. I will post pics sometime. unfortunately we missed the surgeon who was came to put in my IV catheter. The Doctor will take me in the morning to the hospital to have it placed. I will be leaving Danica here with the nurses. Please pray her schedule works out so she will be asleep while I'm gone.

I received my first injection today, in my hip. Owww!!! When the fluid went in it was quite painful. The severe pain lasted about an hour and now, 3 hours, later I don't feel it. The nurse will give it to me in the morning and she promised that she has a more gentle touch. Oh how I hope so!

The Lord is so faithful and has blessed us with a wonderful staff. Upon arrival the doctor's wife, who is the sweetest woman, prayed over me. Other nurses have offered up prayers for me. I truly believe just like all the other struggles we have faced prayer is the most important thing.

We are at the clinic.

My brother, Danica and I arrived today. Treatment started upon arrival. We have been SO busy. We are 2 hours ahead so we are all ready for bed. I will update better tomorrow.

Before I left I filled in Asher's calendar with dates we will be gone and when we are coming back. Josh got a great idea and made Asher a map and put our names on the magnets so he can move the magnets around to keep track of where everyone is and when. So cute! I miss my boys already.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New road ahead

I originally started this blog as a way to keep people updated on our adoption. I haven't kept it up like I wanted to but have instead enjoyed the time with my kiddos. We are now embarking on a new journey and I will be updating everyone using the blog again.

The Lord has been so faithful to us. These last few years since Caius was born have been extremely difficult but God has remained our constant and never held back His grace and peace. I don't know what we would have done without His truly amazing grace! It was very hard to accept Caius' diagnosis but the Lord shared with me through David Platt's book "Radical" that we are here for one reason and that is to bring glory to God. I have to say that Caius has done that more in his short 3 years than I have done my entire life. I know God has great plans for him and Bohdan.

With that thought in mind I will now share our new journey.
I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2012. I have Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. 

Doctors say that if you have to have a cancer this is the one to have. The prognosis with conventional modern medicine is 40 years.  This involves removing my thyroid and then a dose of radioactive iodine. We have done much research regarding our treatment options and have decided to forgo the modern medicine route in lieu of alternative treatment. For us the sacrifice of losing my thyroid and stop
breast feeding is too great.

I will be receiving treatment by Dr. Rogers at the Baja Health and Wellness Clinic. We are praying that my body responds well to this treatment and I can get complete resolution of my cancer without having my thyroid removed or stopping breast feeding. As with anything, it is not 100% but we are trusting God through this and praying for complete healing.

The first question I get is "how did they find the cancer?" I actually found it when I was putting on my lotion one morning. If you want to see it check out our family picture on the previous post and look at my neck. It is very apparent there. Others ask "how are you holding up?" I wish I could say that I was ok but to tell you the truth this has been a hard thing to come to terms with. Having the lils who take up most of my time with meds, therapies, diaper changes and such, plus having a newborn it is hard to imagine fighting cancer too. I do feel better now that we have chosen a treatment plan are close to starting. I have never doubted God's ability to heal me but in my humanness tend to get anxious over the path ahead. 

We don't know why has chosen me or this time in our lives for us to walk down this road but we pray He will be glorified every step of the way. God has time and again shown His grace and mercy to us and we know He will walk with us through every step of this journey. I'm leaving tomorrow with Danica and my brother to start treatment. I will be gone for 3 weeks and then will continue treatment at home for the next 2 years. Thank you all in advance for your prayers and support. 

We are taking the road less traveled and I know many of you will not agree with our decision. We have already lost support from some our family due to this, however I do ask that you keep your comments positive and uplifting. Thank you.

Happy 2013!

Here are some pics and a kiddo update:

Caius wearing Daddy's snow boarding goggles, Love it! 

 Here is our 2012 family picture. This is nothing short of a miracle. No one was crying, everyone was looking forward, no tongues were out and no fingers were in anyone's mouth!

Asher and his baby sister! 

 Here are some newborn pictures. We had them done at Griffin Photography in New Braunfels.
I love the colors!

Best wake up call EVER! 

 Bohdan LOVES loves loves his sister! He sits next to her and holds her every chance he gets.
Notice his legs are under her. He will even put his head on her and love on her.

Bohdan is doing well. He was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder during the summer so that has been difficult to deal with. We thought we had dodged that bullet but alas it showed up later than usual. We have been meeting with a psychologist who has been helping us navigate his new behavior. He is responding well to the therapy and is doing much better. He started school a few weeks ago and is liking it. He is walking with the use of a walker and has started taking about 10 steps unassisted. Hoping he starts walking soon! He is still on pureed foods and doesn't do well with textures or solids due to his sensory issues. 

Caius is now bigger than his big brother Bohdan but people still think they are twins. He is taking about 3 steps unassisted but not walking yet. He is also still on pureed foods and shares Bohdan's sensory processing issues. However he has problems drinking liquids and is working with his speech therapist to drink from a straw. We call him our rough and tumble destructor. He LOVES to wrestle even if his opponent isn't wrestling with him and he can destroy the play room in a matter of seconds!

Asher is in preschool and loving every minute. He is very proud of his siblings. When we are out people will say Hi to him and responds by saying "this is Bohdan, Caius James and Danica" Ha! He is a big help with his brothers and enjoys playing with them and bossing them around.

Danica now weighs 9 lbs 6oz at 3 months old. She is petite but very strong! We got her reflux under control and she is a super happy girl now.

We have been so blessed!