Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bohdan Bruce

This is a post all about Mr. Bohdan. He is doing fabulous! He weighs a whopping 22 pounds!! (13 pounds in January). He is drinking from a sippy cup (I have to hold it tho). He gets all his calories from a spoon. He can stand with his braces on. He is quad crawling a lot! He loves to play and snuggle. He gives bunch of kisses and if you are doing dishes he will come and hug your leg unexpectedly. He is so precious!!

Weird thing he does is he fusses when we back into the driveway. I can back up and he just cries and cries, then I will pull forward and he stops, back up and he cries and cries. Then he will stop and put his arms up to get out of the car. (I dunno) Then the other wierd thing he does is he falls to pieces when a door shuts. Granted he goes through the house and shuts any door he wants but if anyone else does it is the end of the world. His bottom lip comes out, he burries his head in hands on the floor and sobs. We thought it was the noise but its not. The same thing happens if a door is quietly shut. We thought is was someone leaving but it's not. He can watch us walk to the door open it and shut it and he will fall to pieces. Only thing we can come up with is that he wants to GO!! He watches the doors and if they are cracked he makes a beeline for them, opens them and is gone. Through the back door he goes out to sit on the porch. Through the front door he goes out makes his way down the driveway then turns and heads down the side walk. He'll watch us watching him and it doesn't bother him as long as he is GOING! Too funny.

 Mr. Hollywood

 Blue Steel!!

 Kisses? Anyone?

 Is he not a gorgeous child? What a doll!!

 CHEESE!!!! Mr. Personality!!

 Green is a great color on him.

 When he first came home he couldn't sit up... now he is quad crawling, not army crawling, everywhere!! Now he is working on standing and building up his trunk muscles.

 He is SO handsome with his hair did.

 Helping with laundry.

 He LOVES watching the dryer at point blank range.

The twins fishing. Notice the fishing pole in Caius' hand. Bohdan was luring in the fish by throwing matchbox cars in the lake.

 This is huge. Bohdan had never gone out on the grass. If I set him in it, he lifted his feet and fussed at me. Lately he has been going out on the back porch to just sit and watch the backyard. Then all of a sudden he got brave and took off out through the yard. If you will notice he is bare foot with shorts!! This pic was taken on the side of the house furthest from the porch. I'm SO proud of him.

 And just in case you've forgot how far he has come..... This was less than a year ago. I remember I would have to prop him up on the couch because he didn't have the muscle to hold himself up. Thank you Lord Jesus for rescuing this angel!!!