Sunday, December 11, 2011

Connecting the Rainbow

4 years ago today this beautiful baby was born. He was born with something extra special, a third 21st chromosome. Learning your baby has Down's Syndrome is a crushing blow and I can't imagine with that information coming the recommendation to give that beautiful baby up. To hear how they are worthless, how they will never amount to anything and will only make your life, which is already difficult to say the least, harder. To hear that there is almost no choice in keeping the baby that you carried inside you for 9 months. I don't know what exactly happened when Bohdan was born but I can't imagine that it was easy for his parents to give him up.

We are so blessed in America so have the support systems that we have in place for those with special needs. There is so much we take for granted here like... handicap ramps and parking,  our support groups like the Down's Syndrome Associations, the readily available therapies such as Early Intervention not to mention how it is not a rare thing to see those with a special need out in public. Where Bohdan is from none of these things are true. There aren't ramps at the end of the sidewalks, and you never see anyone with a special need out in public. Not to mention the fact that life is very hard there. Many parents struggle to feed their children and give them to the orphanage just so they know their children will get fed. Can you imagine making that choice?

So why am I telling you this? One thing I LOVE about Reece's Rainbow is that they not only strive to find homes for children with special needs in these countries but they travel to Bohdan's country every year to educate and teach people about DS. The more information this country has the more easily they will be able to set up support systems which will allow more children with SN to stay with their families in their own country. How cool is that!!

By giving to Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope fund you are helping to Connect the Rainbow. Please consider this this holiday season.

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