Sunday, January 1, 2012


There is power in prayer!
There is strength in numbers!!
Through Christ we can do anything!!!

I come to you today to ask for your help. 

Remember this little guy? His name is Valentin and he is in the laying room. I got to spend a few moments with him when he was first transferred into the room. He was healthy looking, sweet, responsive and aware. He smiled for the camera and interacted with us. They even put Yuri into his crib and he was kind and gentle. That was a year ago.

If you ever wondered how bad that room is well here is the proof.  The pic above was Valentin after a couple of months in the room and this is Valentin now.

A family went to visit Valentin and reported his condition. Friends.... the child they met is a completely different child than I met a year ago. He is head banging. Having screaming outburst for no reasons and has delayed terribly. The child I met was delayed from lack of stimulation but seemed cognitively fine. Now.... ?

How can this happen? In just under a year. Its not fair! Its maddening!! I'm sad! and angry! No child should ever be in that confounded room especially not him!
 This family that got to meet him is a great family that have adopted before and have a large family that Valentin a year ago would have fit into great.  However with all the new delays they felt that they couldn't give him what he needs so they are now focused on raising funds for him and finding him a family.

That is where you and I come in.
#1 Please pray for this family. It is not an easy thing to go through all the paperwork, to fall in love with a picture only to get there and have everything be different than what you were told. I can't imagine how hard it is for them right now. Please continually keep them in your prayers

#2 Lets find a family for Valentin. How do we do this? Well first we pray and pray and pray our guts out. Second we increase his grant fund. There are so many families that want to adopt but are held back by that little old annoying thing called money.

Won't you please consider giving to his grant fund? Even just $10 will help. We could easily raise thousands of dollars if everyone just gave $10. Click here to donate. Plus any amount donated is tax deductible.

So what kind of family would be ideal? Well as you know kiddos coming from this room have serious issues to overcome just from the room not to mention any ailments they were born with so it is my personal opinion that Valentin needs a family with time. Time to help him recover. Time to love on him. Time to show him attention. Time to focus on him to help him heal and get back to boy I met a year ago and then learn and grow.

Here he is trying to color without the ability to do so. That sweet little boy is still in there. I know it!! Won't you help him! Valentin is 5 years old and facing the institution any day now. There he will surely be gone in more ways than we can comprehend. This is a very serious situation!


  1. He's still there. He's probably so drugged up he's lost inside a fog! One year...the old Valentin is still there even though it's been a year.

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  3. Oh I will be praying!!!! He is so handsome. I agree with Leah--he's still in there!

  4. I'm not a religious person per se, but I said a prayer for you, that family and this adorable little boy. I'm also donating $10 to help him get adopted. Good luck!

  5. so happy to see him on the MFFM page xxxx

    also thrilled to find you xxxx