Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Christmas 2011 in pics

Asher got a couple large John Deer trucks from his great grandparents and they are a hit.
Thank you Granma and Papa!!

So Bohdan has learned give kisses and Man is he good at it!!
He especially loves kissing his great Papa!

"Santa" brought Asher a basketball hoop and boy did the big guys love it. I mean Ash did too but he didn't really get to play with it much. It got set up in the kitchen and the men played many a round of 'horse'. It was/is a lot of fun!!

I don't think I shared this with you all yet. This is our boys Santa pic 2011. Classic right?

Caius' face says it all!

Bohdan got a Red Flyer swivel rider. Thank you Granny and Grumpy!!

He loves it!!

He was so proud of it!

Bohdan opening another gift. Notice he is still on his Red Flyer.

I just love this pic of Caius. So serious!

I was asleep when this happened. Promise. Asher wanted to go out in the snow SO bad. So he put on Daddy's boots and headed out. My brother saw him going and threw my sweatshirt on him. I love the pic.

 This was later when we went out in the snow. He wore Granny's gloves. They were just a bit too big. Just a bit.

Uncle Andy and the twins.

Aunt Kat helping Bohdan open a gift. I'm not sure Bohdan understood at this point but he was excited none the less.


  1. Oh SO cute!! I love the Santa pic ;)

    Wishing you all a blessed new year!

  2. Man! Where do your boys get the curly hair??? And Bohdan looks so grown up with his cute haircut! I know he's still tiny, but he looks more a preschooler than a baby in the face now. :) They are all so cute. Glad they had a great Christmas!

  3. Oh no, the shaggy Bohdan hair is GONE :(! The santa picture is absolutely priceless, love love love it!

  4. Wow, I had never seen a photo of Caius and Bohdan together before, but they really look like twins! How cute! Bohdan looks incredible and all of your boys are so cute.

  5. that might be the best Santa picture of all time!!!