Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 2013!

Here are some pics and a kiddo update:

Caius wearing Daddy's snow boarding goggles, Love it! 

 Here is our 2012 family picture. This is nothing short of a miracle. No one was crying, everyone was looking forward, no tongues were out and no fingers were in anyone's mouth!

Asher and his baby sister! 

 Here are some newborn pictures. We had them done at Griffin Photography in New Braunfels.
I love the colors!

Best wake up call EVER! 

 Bohdan LOVES loves loves his sister! He sits next to her and holds her every chance he gets.
Notice his legs are under her. He will even put his head on her and love on her.

Bohdan is doing well. He was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder during the summer so that has been difficult to deal with. We thought we had dodged that bullet but alas it showed up later than usual. We have been meeting with a psychologist who has been helping us navigate his new behavior. He is responding well to the therapy and is doing much better. He started school a few weeks ago and is liking it. He is walking with the use of a walker and has started taking about 10 steps unassisted. Hoping he starts walking soon! He is still on pureed foods and doesn't do well with textures or solids due to his sensory issues. 

Caius is now bigger than his big brother Bohdan but people still think they are twins. He is taking about 3 steps unassisted but not walking yet. He is also still on pureed foods and shares Bohdan's sensory processing issues. However he has problems drinking liquids and is working with his speech therapist to drink from a straw. We call him our rough and tumble destructor. He LOVES to wrestle even if his opponent isn't wrestling with him and he can destroy the play room in a matter of seconds!

Asher is in preschool and loving every minute. He is very proud of his siblings. When we are out people will say Hi to him and responds by saying "this is Bohdan, Caius James and Danica" Ha! He is a big help with his brothers and enjoys playing with them and bossing them around.

Danica now weighs 9 lbs 6oz at 3 months old. She is petite but very strong! We got her reflux under control and she is a super happy girl now.

We have been so blessed!

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