Sunday, August 15, 2010

God Answers Prayers!

Its funny how we can't see past our own timing. I figured that since we hadn't heard anything by Thursday night that is was too late. We prayed that night, surrendering to God's timing and He gave us peace that no matter when we get our Home Study that it will be exactly when He planned.

Well, Friday morning I finally hear from our team who said that my emails were going into their spam folder and that they hadn't received our Home Study yet. In the time it took me to email our SW, I got another email from our team saying they found our Home Study, it had gone into another folder. Our team then emailed us and our SW with some minor changes but didn't say anything about our background checks which needed to be reviewed by our team in Eastern Europe (EE). I faxed our paperwork right over and then didn't hear anything.

Friday night I email them and ask if they had gotten my fax. Still didn't hear anything.....

Then Saturday morning (remember our SW needed all our changes before Saturday morning) I get an email saying our fax hadn't gone through. {sigh} Then in 15 minutes I got another email saying they got my fax and sent the info off to our team in EE. Then finally this morning (Sunday) we got the email that no changes need to be made to our background checks. Yay!!

So now, as long as our SW got the changes made and got it in the mail before she left on vacation, we are good to go.

I think God was trying to teach us a lesson to just trust Him. That he doesn't operate on human time but on His time. I just think about how ridiculous I must have looked to Him when I was freaking out. Thank you so much for all your prayers! God truly answers prayers!

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  1. He sure does. I am so happy that you are adopting these boys. They are precious.