Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Good news! We got our jewelry page up! A lot of my friends have gotten bracelets and aren't taking them off until our boys come home. Yippee! And we have received our first two donations towards our adoptions. Yay!!

I was a good girl while we were waiting on our home study. We got the draft early Tuesday morning. We need to actually have the team in our boy's country look it over cuz of a minor hiccup but I can't send it on for approval until our SW adds a couple words and changes a few numbers. I've emailed her twice but haven't heard anything. I feel all wound up inside.

We also got our medical forms back last Friday and they were kicked backed for some minor typos. So I sent them back to the Doctor's office today.

You already know about the purple announcement. Well I am trying to save money so I used paper and envelopes that I already had here at the house. So it looks a little hodge podgie, no worries. Well then Jorge, our rabbit who thinks he is a cat (he eats the cat food and uses the kitty door), decided to get in on the mix and he ate the corners off of some of the announcement letters. Then we are stuffing the envelopes on Monday night and learned that the No Knots prayers don't fit. So we had to re-cut those.

We were all just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. My girlfriend said "you didn't really think it was going to go smoothly did you?"

Not to mention I noticed that I misspelled the word unknown on half of the prayers. So some of them the author is unknown and some of them the author is unkown. Which is a negative cross between a cow and clown. Anyway, thanks for listening, thank for laughing and thank you for your support.


  1. So then.....the road to adoption is paved with....typos? :)

  2. Yes! and bunny teeth! LOL :O)

  3. I laughed out loud reading the definition of a unkown! Love it :-)