Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long awaited post

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Things have been a wee bit crazy. Praise the Lord! Kirill is with his Mommy and Daddy and is coming home! Thank you Jesus. Here is the last few weeks in pics.

We went swimming yesterday. Yuri didn't like to wear the glasses but he seemed not to react to the sun as much. I think with time they won't bother him at all. He had a good time. He ultimately threw up in the pool but what are ya gonna do. I had planned for all the other possibilities. He was wearing two swim diapers under his bathing suit and I was staying on top of his boogers but how do you plan for puke. He has been doing much better about throwing up but he swallowed too much water while swimming.

Yuri and Bohdan getting a bath. Yuri's face cracks me up in this pic.

Little Bohdan was too busy splashing to smile for the camera. He loves loves LOVES splashing in the water. As a matter of fact all our animals are dying of dehydration because if their water bowl has water in it he finds it and plays and splashes until it doesn't.

I love the progression of looks on Yuri's face. He is such a ham for the camera.
Caius isn't crawling yet but he is mobile. He scoots and rolls everywhere. And sometimes get stuck underneath things.

Josh's cousin graduated two weekends ago so Ash and I flew to Lubbock. We got to see some of my family and Josh's family. Asher LOVES his Uncle Andy, my brother. Here we are walking into the church for the graduation.
Asher didn't want to stop and take a pic.
Asher was really fussy while swimming, so his great granma Pat rescued him and he went right to sleep. She didn't let her broken arm stop her from holding her baby!
Here is Asher and Andy again. Too cute!

I think they wrestled 90% of the time.

So Bohdan is a snuggle bug. He wants to be with people all the time and likes to be held. Josh was putting up clothes on Saturday and Bohdan was following him around. So Josh put him in the Moby wrap and carried him around.
Problem with men carrying babies is that they are too practical. I walked into the boys room to find empty hangers hanging off one side of Bohdan and the shirts that were on hangers hanging off the other side. Notice Bohdan laid back looking at his Daddy. What a big help Bohdan was.

When I got back from the graduation I found myself with no babyfood for the bottles and NO diapers! Yikes! So I and all four boys went to Costco. It was a good trip but we get alot of comments and stares. But we stocked up on food. I then had to cook it all make this bags that I use to make the boys bottles. It took 3 days and two late nights but we are stocked up for at least a month. This was the second batch. I'm glad Josh was here to carry it to the freezer.

It was funny at Costco. I was buying a box of wipes and there was another Mom there grabbing the wipes at the same time. She said, "These things are awesome! My friend said a box lasted her 6 months!" I smiled and said yes they are great but a box only lasts me about two weeks. :0)
I'm getting the feeling I change ALOT of diapers.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you got a little trip away with Asher! Hope it was wonderful and you got to rest and recharge a bit. Love seeing the pics of the boys. Still praying for y'all! We leave for our SDA appt in one week - eep! ;)

  2. I hear you on the baby wipes. (-: We're going to be using cloth wipes. I know that's not for everyone and some people find it "gross" but we really like the idea. I've heard that lots of families (even those who don't cloth diaper) are making the switch. Some people do it for monetary reasons, others for environmental and others for convenience (ie- never having to "run out").

  3. The changes in both Yuri & Bohdan are awesome & beautiful!! How they are filling out and growing and looking more and more at peace. God bless your fantastic family!!

  4. Wow, you are supermom going shopping with all four and cooking all of those meals. You are working the equivalent of a few jobs right now. It's nice that you got to get away fora couple of days, though. I cannot believe the change in both Yuri and Bhodan, how healthy and filled out they look. It is a complete transformation from the two sickly, thin and pale little guys you brought home.

    Way to go, mama!

  5. Autumn, I still read every post, even if I don't comment. Costco, on your own, with four littles and you needed food and diapers?! Wow, Costco can be overwhelming as a grown adult shopping without kids. Throw in a kid or two or three or four and wow- I am in awe! All those meals prepped too- you rock!!! Oh and Bohdan's face looks like he's filling out a bit more too. Kudos to Josh for thing about the Moby wrap. They are awesome.

  6. This post was worth the wait! Love the bathtub pics. I know how you feel about your little one being attached to your brother. My baby girl is the same way with my brother, and there is just something very special about that!

    Keep on doing the great job you are! Thanks for sharing your pictures. God bless.

  7. Oh my goodness, Yuri and Bohdan both look wonderful. What a difference in Yuri, in particular! I LOVE to see the progress they are making...thank you for sharing!

  8. Better poop in a diaper than in underwear I always say. ;)
    LOVE the bath pics. What precious boys!

  9. How do you find time to blog??!!!