Monday, May 23, 2011

Pray for Kirill

Tomorrow is the big day. Kirill's mommy and daddy are going before the supreme court to plead their case. Please pray for all involved! The judge who denied them said if the Supreme court says ok then she will overturn her ruling. Please start praying at 6:10 am CST tomorrow. Here is the link to their blog.

Also some updates on other #3 orphanage babies. Julia, from the boy's room is in the hospital with re-feeding syndrome. Her body had shut down due to malnourishment. Carey says she is doing better and handling her feeds well. I pray she can go home soon. Click here for updates.

Sonya and Dusty who just got home, were sent from their pediatrician's office to the hospital. Please pray for them as well. Click here for pics and updates.

Plus I have some inside information about Shawna and Lindsay but nothing is certain yet. Please pray for them and their future family/ies. They are both 7 and will probably be transferred in the fall. :0(

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  1. Hi Autumn
    I have been following your blog. We are currently in U adopting our two boys. A big question I have is could you please tell me what you ended up getting for Yuri for the plane ride? Our Gabe will never make it with medication. Some days it takes an hour for him to stop crying and he will start again with the slightest movement. Forget walking with him or having him on a train and plane for hours.
    Any info would be very appreciated!!! Thank you!
    My blog