Monday, September 26, 2011

Buddy Walk!

Well the summer is officially over. We have been running around like wild people and finally are at home for a bit. Not that that means we aren't doing anything, of course. We are prepping for a garage sale this weekend and last weekend we did our first ever Buddy Walk. It was so much fun!! Here are some pics.

Josh and Nick manning the table.
 They were just posing. I promise they were much more approachable than they look here.

 Our new friend, Jessica.
She fell in love with Bohdan and cannnot wait to get her hands on her little one.

Asher showing off his new shirt. He wasn't excited about his back pack though.

 The twins! I've decided it is an absolute impossibilty to get them both looking at the camera at the same time.
 Bohdan and Jessica.
 Our booth and the team!! (minus Josh and the boys)

  An Angel tribute I put together. Do you notice whose pic is in the middle ornament? Sweet Sonya! she looks nothing like that now she home. She's been home 4 months now and is doing amazing!!

 Daddy and Caius with his curls.
Daddy and Asher!


  1. Yay!!! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys, and I am in love with your boys, all of them! Let's get together soon.

  2. So, is it safe to assume that custody of sweet Yuri has been transferred to the family who had him for respite? You haven't mentioned him in the last 2 posts really... :-(

    But in her last post she referred to you as Mrs. Winks when you went for visit and not as Yuri's mama...

    Bohdan looks like a completely differnt child since we first laid eyes upon him. That's amazing. Yuri seems to be thriving in his new family, he is getting what he needs there and I am happy about that.