Saturday, September 3, 2011

pics pics pics

 Wind plus swinging equals a great picture!

 Asher playing with his Great Granma Pat!



 Love Swinging!!!

 Double Trouble Bath Time!!

 Look who can stand!!!!

 Bohdan getting therapy, err I mean playing!!! He loves the bucket!

 Oh boy and his dog...

 A beautiful thing!

 Lollipop kid! (from the lollipop guild)

 Whisks are the best toy. Bohdan loves it!

Mr. Gorgeous!

 Who me?

This was last month before Bohdan's haircut.
Crazy that Bohdan is 6 months older than Asher.


  1. Loved the pics! you have beautiful boys, Autumn :) Hope Bohdan's eye is alright.

  2. Cuteness! I can't believe they can fit in the sink for a bath! What fun!

  3. Your boys are looking so healthy and beautiful. Little Bohdan has so much colour in his little face now.

  4. Love all these new pics! All of your little guys are adorable!!! I especially love the bathing boys in the double sink! Too cute!!!!
    Enjoying your blog from RI...Anne