Monday, February 20, 2012

Family update

Just a quick update about what is going on around here. We have been dealing with the crud that has been going around. Of course we don't all have it at once we have been taking turns and sharing. Big news is that the boys have all started swim classes and they are enjoying them for the most part. :o) Caius and Bohdan are in the Mommy and me classes, on separate days obviously since there is only one Momma. Asher is in a preschool class and is learning to be comfortable in the water. It has only been a few weeks and all the boys are already showing much improvement. Now onto the pictures....

I got a new litter box cover for the cat. Josh put it together and not a moment later we couldn't find Bohdan. Hmmmmmm?

 All the kids are loving this new 'toy'. {sigh} Asher will cram one of the lils in there with all his cars or blocks and they all just giggle.

 Bohdan has a new nickname "Gargoyle". You never know where he will be perched. He can now climb and he get on the train table, the play table, the fireplace and all the couches. He is doing so good. He needs a little stool to get on the couch and the other day the stool was in the middle of the floor so he went and got it. Pushed it to the couch and climbed on. The lil stinker has also figured out the remote to the TV and will turn on another show if his current show turns off. I did not teach him this, he is amazingly smart!!

  The question is "If Caius gets a hold of a marker, can he get the lid off?" The answer "YES!!" Oi!
 After we washed the green marker off.

 They were holding hands a watching a show when I saw them. Of course a camera means 'stop everything cute you were doing.' its still a cute pic though.

 Absolutely gorgeous!!

 This was later that afternoon. He was SO tired he fell asleep on the couch. Poor baby!

And I will leave you will Ash on chocolate cake!