Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yuri update day 2

Yuri is home now, thank goodness. He is in some pain but Michelle says there's NO snot!! And if you know Yuri you know the lil guy can produce an amazing amount of snot.

I can't wait to see how good he is gonna do and feel once he recovers. I can't tell you how happy I am that Michelle found doctors that were able to diagnose and help Yuri. Praise the Lord!! Great thing He continues to do.

Latest from Michelle: "Oh my goodness...yuri is walking all over the place. His ears were so full of junk that it messed up his balance...but he is walking...i cant believe it"


  1. All of this is so awesome to read for Yuri! I love that little guy! Hearing that something as "simple" as removing his tonsils and adenoids is already improving is quality of life so tremendously is amazing! I'm sad it took a doctor this long to see something that you would think would be obvious, but I'm sure it was in God's perfect timing for Yuri and his family and extended family :-)

    I can't wait to see updates and progress too! go Yuri!!

  2. I cant believe how many things all that snot affected!! Great to hear he's doing so well!

  3. So happy for that sweet little guy! Can you post the link to their blog? I don't have it bookmarked and haven't been there in awhile but would love to see what they've been up to!

  4. No matter what anyone else may have said (I'm suprised at the viciousness of some people to adotion difficulties) You certianly have a right to be proud of your part to get that boy out of a crib and into a family where he can go places and be someone. God bless you!

  5. Hello Autumn, I am behind in news, glad to hear that they were able to find out and help Yuri... I want to share a little funny thing that I noticed after I read your post about Yuri's problem with snot... you wrote, "NO snot!!" and I was just reading this "no knots" which is your blog's name... and the poem... no knots... maybe the diagnosis is discovering whatever is causing the snots... and therefore fulfilling the poem, no knots... cuz they sound the same, kinda rhymes :)