Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Awesome God!

I am just speechless! Thank you all for your prayers regarding the boys therapies. I won't go into all the gritty details but after many many prayers and prayer requests and work, research, counseling with experts God came through in a way I could not have imagined. I mean I thought I would write the appeals, rally the troops and then God would take over the rest from there. Oh silly me!

Praise the Lord for his sovereign mercy and that his ways are SO SO much higher than mine. Needless to say I didn't do anything. He worked it out that the boys have unlimited therapy visits for speech, occupational and physical therapy. OUR GOD IS NOT DEAD HE'S SURELY ALIVE!!!!

In fact if you live in the state of TEXAS it is a State mandate that if your child has developmental delays that they qualify for unlimited therapy visits through your insurance. My soul rejoices in my God and the peace that He supplies. I can't imagine raising these babies with out His divine providence. 

Happy Easter!! He has showed us again that He is alive, well and working in our lives. Praise the LORD!


  1. Praise God! Makes me want to move to Texas. ;) God Bless. "Isabella"

  2. I'm a lurker but wanted to comment hurray!!! We live in TX, too, and I'm hoping to adopt SN one day so this is great to hear about TX

  3. So happy for the good news!

  4. Thanks be to God. Rejoicing with you!

  5. I am an outpatient occupational therapist in Texas. I work with pediatrics. I am very interested in what you said about the mandate in Texas. Would you email me at megan_alan@yahoo.com with more information? This is a HUGE issue we have in the clinic. Insurance companies deny all the time because of many reasons when the child has a specific need for OT, PT, or ST-- or the child has VERY limited visits. (like 15 a calendar year) You can't do much for a child with severe developmental delays in 15 visits. Thanks! Megan

  6. Could you email me how this works or where I can seek this information out? Is there a law to reference when speaking with the insurance company? We are considering adopting through RR and live in TX; I'm trying to sort through all the details and make sure we could provide what the child needs. You don't have to post my comment unless you want to. Email is keelydwilson@gmail.com. Thanks so much!