Saturday, April 14, 2012


That's how my God does it!

Remember Adeye who orginally posted about Yuri and Bohdan on her blog? Remember Pleven? the horrible orphanage I posted about a few days ago. WELL......

Adeye is adopting a 14 year old 14 pound angel from there. A few days ago she started a giveaway to rasie money for the adoption. Within 24 hours ALL the money was in. Over $26k! Bam!! We serve an awesome God.

If you don't know Him I would encourage you to seek Him out. He is SO amazing! He provides! He gives PEACE that is unfathomable!! He performs miracles!!!!

I think the giveaway is still going on. There is over $10k worth of prizes and any money that comes in now will go to other qualified families adopting children from Pleven. Check it out!!


  1. Thank you for this post. I follow Adeye's blog, but haven't been keeping up with the blogs I read lately. I happened to check my blogger dashboard today and saw your post. I'm so thankful the goal has been made. God is using Adeye in a powerful way.

  2. I follow Adeye's blog, too, and I was just as excited as you! Fully funded in ONE DAY. God is on the move! So amazing...