Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wow!! Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement. What a blessing your words and prayers are to me. 

Some of the comments seemed sad and I couldn't figure it out until I reread my post. Gosh! I didn't mean for it to come across so gloomy. I mean hopeless was a resident in my heart a few months ago but no more.

The Lord has given me a sense of peace. I wrote it not with tears in my eyes but with a smile in my heart. Submitted to God's will. 

I still don't have the results but the pain has definitely subsided, praise The Lord and I have peace.

 I plan on updating y'all about my funny happenings and life with my babies. Love to you all, goodnight!


  1. Hi there, just wondering how you are? It's been some time since your last post and I hope your treatment gave you the successful results.

    Your are in my thoughts.

    Maria (from Sydney)

  2. Your life, your call, I guess. You decided go with "natural" cancer treatment that clearly failed, you chose to risk DYING and leaving your kids, and, well, it was your CHOICE. If I was one of your kids, I'd've been HORRIFIED that you were choosing a MUCH higher risk of DEATH, because you'd rather be dead than seek medical treatment that was proven to work. Your life, your call, your kids will probably never forgive you if you die.

    My dad survived thyroid cancer 30+ years ago -- got PROPER medical treatment (removal of thyroid, radiation) - and is still going strong at 70. His doctor straight-up told him that if you're going to get cancer, thyroid's a great kind of cancer to get, in that it's slow-growing, easily treatable (if you're not incredibly selfish) and most folks who get it treated die of something unrelated 40+ years later.

    1. Funny thing Macey, it IS my life and more importantly me and my husband's call. I'm glad 'proper' medical treatment worked for your Dad because I have watched my Dad struggle and almost lose his life many times fighting to survive your SO called 'proper' medical treatment for the very thing I was diagnosed with.
      My children will respect my fight to keep my thyroid and the fact that I tried and in the process was able to breast feed my daughter, something I don't take lightly. The only selfish thing going on here is your need to tear down others. If you don't like our decisions then go read another blog. Your opinions are the least of my concerns.