Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fingerprints postponed.

Well I guess there is a hurricane or tropical storm hitting us. We don't have a TV and only get our news online and we haven't really kept up with it this weekend. Not that it would have mattered we would be getting drenched with rain whether we knew it was coming or not. The point is that it is ALOT of rain!! Crazy amounts and.... today was our scheduled USCIS fingerprint appointment.

The one your not supposed to be late to, the really important one. Yup that one. So we show up, about 5 minutes early and wouldn't you know they had lost power. The guy said that the electric company didn't know when it would come back on and said they were having trouble all over the city. He said we could wait and hope the power comes back on or just come back. He signed our papers and we will try again tomorrow.

Just a little hiccup!

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