Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving on!

This is a pic of Caius 4 days after surgery! Doesn't he look great. Thank you all for your prayers and support.It feels so good to have the heart surgery behind and now we look forward to getting our boys home! Yee Haw!! We are very excited.

Our USCIS fingerprint appointment is today. My dear friend Tracy is on her way to get some more certified copies of our marriage certificate since the first ones didn't pass inspection. yuck!

Anyhow, God is so good! We had a lazy, kinda crumby weekend. We were all sick! Even though it was nice to just hang with my boys, I wish everyone would have felt better. Hopefully we are on the down side of this sickness. But even with all of that God still worked and when I looked at our Family Sponsorship Page today what did I see? Holy cow! $2450! Plus my girlfriend bought some no knots swag and way over paid. :O) You gotta check out our Butterflies!


  1. Look at that cute little chub muffin!! He looks awesome!

  2. He's a precious boy!! He really looks great and so happy! I can't wait until I see those smiles on Yuri and Bohdan faces!

  3. He looks great! And isn't it a wonderful feeling to have surgery behind you?