Tuesday, September 28, 2010

pink slip

I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting about the dollar amount of our super surprise! If it is any consolation, I'm right there with you... well except I have a ball park figure. Anyhow, I turned 30 last week and our crazy, very close friends gave us $1000 towards the adoption. Yahoo!! How awesome is that. Thank you Jesus!! I haven't updated the butterflies yet but I will soon.

Other news... we got the dreaded pink slip from USCIS. I got everything together and sent it off today. I also mailed some documents to be apostilled in another state. We got about 15 docs notarized today, four of them won't pass inspection though and we are gonna have to redo them. By the grace of God I have found a few oopses! in our home study. I'm grateful to be finding them now and not later!

I'm going to make some phone calls tomorrow and hopefully be able to share with you the pee in your pants good news. I'm telling you now so you can prepare. I wouldn't want anyones couches soiled. ;o)

Have a great and blessed tomorrow!


  1. What is the pink slip? And why won't they accept the docs? Did you fax them, and then they still won't be accepted? I just want to know so I can be prepared. Or do they change what they pass all the time?

  2. hang tight---I know the paperwork is such a pain. Oh but how wonderful the end result will be :)

  3. I have no idea what the pink slip is either LOL I'm just not up with the adoption lingo I guess :o) What wonderful friends you have though, such an awesome birthday gift! My couch is prepared (thanks!) and I can not wait to hear your news!!!

  4. Waiting for the good news...... :)

  5. Come on Autumn, don't make us wait any longer for your good news. I've put a cover over the couch and am ready for anything.