Monday, November 22, 2010

Waiting... waiting...

My friend Mel asked, while waiting for her travel date, 'How many times can you check your email in one day?" I have the answer! Over a million!! Every time I hear that 'ding' I race to the computer.... but still waiting. We are hoping to get news this week.

We have some info on the vote in the country where we adopting our boys from (I will refer to the country as AOBF). It will be in the middle of December and it is near the bottom of the docket so it might not even be read. This is kinda of a double edged sword. It would be really nice if it would pass and the country would join the Hague convention, this would be better for the children and the adoptive families. The catch is that they want to halt adoption while they become compliant, which the Hague convention does not support. So I think the best way to proceed in prayer is that the vote will pass but that they won't stop adoptions while they are become compliant.
(disclaimer: I got this information from a forum so the details may not be completely accurate. Please let me know if you have more accurate information.)

So a really cool thing happened the other day. Asher, Caius and I went to have a picture framed at a Cross stitch shop, which does great work by the way, and the shopping center has big sets of ramps and stairs. If you know Asher, you know his favorite thing to do is 'run ramps' so he takes off. And I mean off, he wouldn't stop. So Caius and I start chasing him and he ran past this second hand clothing shop. We jumped in there and I told the ladies I need a long flowy skirt. She asked (in a thick accent) What I needed it for. I replied 'Court in the AOBF'. She lit up! She asked specifically where and I told her and she said that she grew up just 100 miles from there and that she has very close friends that live there. I told her about Bohdan and Yuri and our adoption journey and she got goosebumps and started crying. It was very sweet. She said that I have to bring the boys over to see her when we get them home and that I can practice my Russian on her anytime I want! Cool huh?

I'm amazed at the lives touched by my sweet baby boys that I have never met. Soon though, soon.


  1. Ahhhh what a sweet woman! How lovely that you met her and you can practise your Russian :)
    I'm praying for you all that nothing will stop adoptions, whatever the result of this vote, I can't wait to see the boys home with you as soon as possible!

  2. Ohhhhhh do I know how you are feeling!!! SO cool about the lady from the same country! Praying that you get that awesome email SOON Autumn!! Hang in there!!