Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's going on

So I thought I would share a little about what is going on with us. (and use this as a way to ask for prayer)

A few months ago, after reading Lorraine's blog, around the time Chrissie was in the hospital, I prayed and asked God to soften my heart. (If you don't know Chrissie you need to). I prayed that my heart would break for what breaks His heart. Lemme tell, that was a life changing prayer!! It has been hard and wonderful all at the same time!! I've grown so much closer to God over the past few months. He has been SO real during this journey.

Last night I couldn't stop thinking about Brady. I was thinking that he and Asher would have SO much fun together. I wish wish wish we could bring him home and that I could be that Momma in the tennis shoes chasing him. I've asked but we would be pushing our luck to adopt outside the orphanage where we are getting our boys. They say that it is a tough region and everyone is quite skeptical about special needs adoptions.

Remember a few posts ago I talked about that book "Radical" by David Platt? Well Josh and I are both in our second read through in a month. It is so amazing and I'm SO thankful someone on the yahoo group shared it. Anyway, we are trying to cut our budget down and live on about half of what we make so we can use the rest to help other adopting families or whatever else God calls us to do. I edited the budget yesterday and got everything worked out except for the food and living expenses (well and taxes). Our big and I mean BIG problem is the house that we still own in New Mexico. If we could sell it then we would have the extra room in our budget for food and living expenses. If it sounds crazy to live on a minimum amount then you gotta read the book. You just gotta!

Anyway, we've owned the house since we got married. We haven't lived in it for almost 5 years. We have finally been able to put it on the market, due to extenuating circumstances we couldn't list it before, but it has been vacant for a few months and it is breaking right and left. I'm sending a check off to the plumber for $700 tomorrow. We have it listed cheap and 'As Is'. Please Please pray it sells and sells quickly!! Josh and I have been begging and pleading with God to bring us a buyer soon!

Asher got a bicycle yesterday. Its a strider bike. It teaches him to balance. Its really cool. He and Josh have been riding around the roundy-round in our house. I think I'm starting to see groove in the floor. :0)

I'm in my third trimester. They say adopting is just like a pregnancy and they are so right! I'm about to pop! I'm nesting like a crazy woman and can't stop thinking about holding my babies. I'm working on their room. I have a beautiful blue quilt that Josh' Mema gave us at our wedding. I'm going to use that for the basis for the colors. We shall see what happens.

Anyway gotta go to church. Sorry this post is all over the board.


  1. Many prayers for you that the house sells quickly!

  2. I posted on Julia's blog this morning that I had a dream last night of Brady pushing a big, red plastic firetruck and he was so happy. In my dream he was surrounded by his family. I woke up and checked the my family found me page...maybe I should have checked your blog instead :) Wouldn't that be wonderful if you could be his mom... God is working, my friend, God is working...

  3. what an EXCITING journey you are on :) Trusting with you that your home sells FAST! God CAN do it!

    Cannot wait to see your angels in your arms.

  4. Lord, Bring them the buyer that is just right for them and the amount of money that is the perfect amount. Thank you Lord in advance for answering this prayer. In Your name we pray Amen.

    Can't wait to hear the good news.
    Be blessed

  5. Yes, friend, you absolutely may repost my post on orphans. I don't mind at all. Thanks for asking :)

  6. Its Thursday Nov 17 and I wonder if you've been submitted, or going to be tomorrow? Praying for a travel date soon!

  7. We were submitted on the 4th. Sooner than we had expected. However, no travel date yet. Its all I can think and pray about!

  8. What about renting the house in NM?

    prayers for your adoption :)

  9. Well? Jamie, the house is super old. Once we were pulling down the sheet rock to replace it and on the board surrounding the window there was a date, '(month day), 1910'. So the house really isn't livable at the time being. Parts are still being renovated. I've been praying about lowering the price yet again. Thank you for your comment!! I wish we could find a handy man to rent it!