Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the winner is....

Here's the only pics I've taken lately. We were trying to soak up some Vit D to counter the yuck we all have. The were hanging from a tree in the backyard.
i'm so sorry for the delay. Only a few months late. :oD

I wanted to go through and make sure I hadn't left anyone out since I had extended and re-extended. I must have started a billion times then duty called and then I would forget where I was and then start over.

Anywho, there was 171 entries, I entered everyone into excel which gave every entry a number. I then used to randomly draw a number and that person is.........


Thank you SO much to everyone who donated to the quilt giveaway fundraiser. $855 was raised for our growing family and that amount was matched and given to the older boys with DS fund, thanks to a generous family.

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  1. Very Glad that you live where you can get OUTSIDE!
    Love the pictures!