Friday, February 11, 2011

Too funny not to share

I'm gonna type this real fast before I forget.

Okay the dead bird was a trophy of our youngest cat Trixie. I don't know if she killed it or stole it but she was super proud. Cool thing about Trixie is that we got her from the animal shelter at the end of 2010. She was put into a tiny cage at age 6 weeks and wasn't taken out until we adopted her at 6 months. She has some funny and sad behaviors due to this. Needless to say she chooses to sleep in the boy's room. Its like she knows they share a common beginning. :o)

Ok the quote was from "City Slickers". Billy Crystal's character is helping birth a calf and he pulls out his hand covered in goop out of the cow and it flings goop as he points and says, 'this was not in the brochure." I thought it was fitting for yesterday.

Sometime in the chaos of yesterday a fed ex package arrived. I forgot about it until around lunch today. I opened it and it was from BoA our mortgage company. It was a full packet with information, forms and a prepaid fedex envelope for returning the paperwork. I read through it and it was to keep us from foreclosing on our house. "Huh?" I think and I throw it in the fireplace.

During naps I got a little time to go through and balance our budgets. I noticed that BoA had increased our payment amount due to escrow needing more money. I think I remember something about this before I left for U but haven't thought about it since. I wasn't too worried because we pay a little extra every month anyway. How much could it increase? I check it out and it increased by $50!! Oi! So I remember seeing an envelope from them in the mail yesterday and I grab it. It says we owe $790 bucks, the mortgage payment was only $605 before all this. So I call them. The number is a debt collection agency. What?

So I get online, find a good number and call it. After a lot of talking and checking and holding we figure out that our account is a full payment behind. So some more checking and investigating. Come to find out who ever posted our payment for December didn't post the payment insead posted it to principal so we have been behind since then. Grrrr!!! No wonder they were trying to offer us help on our mortgage. So we got that cleared up but I still have to fight to have it taken off my credit bureau.

How funny is that? We have a great day and then this.

So I was changing Yuri's dirty diaper today and swaddle the top of him and play him music. He is doing ok. Not great but better. Just then here comes Bohdan, he wants the phone playing music. He smashes Yuri in the face trying to crawl over him, this upsets Yuri. I move Bohdan, here he comes again and tries to crawl over Yuri's tummy. I'm thinking, 'Dear sweet child! Yuri is finally doing better and you have to get involved!" so I move him as far away as I possibly can while managing not to spread Yuri's mess. I continue. By the way, I diaper change on the floor in the living room. So Bohdan is MAD at this point and is throwing whatever he can reach. He is crawling and throwing. Out of the corner of my eye I see what he is dead set on getting to and throwing. The dirty diaper that has not been bound up yet. I can't let go of Yuri's legs or it will be a huge mess and I can't let Bohdan reach that diaper. Just then Asher attacks me from behind. He throws his arms around my neck and jumps on in pure WWF style. (we wrestle a lot) I wanted to scream "GO GO Gadget arms" but I new in the back of my mind nothing would happen. So I employed my leg to roll Bohdan away, I shook my torso to free myself of the 2 year old and never let go of Yuri who at this point was happy listening to his music. Caius looking on in amazement. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Btw, no throw ups today. And yesterday Yuri only threw up once the rest was Caius. :o(

At the next Yuri dirty diaper change I didn't touch his legs. Instead I touched his shoes and placed his feet where it allowed me to wipe well. He didn't even squirm until I had to raise a leg to get everything clean. Things that make you go hmmmmm..........


  1. I am so glad you still have your sense of humor. The diaper change escapade has me totally laughing! Oh to be a fly on the wall for that! A video would be a youtube hit for sure. All in a day of a mom of 4, yes 4, little guys! LOL I am so glad Yuri is having a MUCH better day. Only 1 puke is awesome. It is amazing the things you are learning, to circumvent triggers. It also amazes me that you even think of what you think of to try. Three cheers for you! Praying for less pukes for Caius. Do the boys like Trixie? Does she amuse them?

    The mortgage fiasco is....... just very glad you got it straightened out before things got worse.

    Still praying and cheering you on.


  2. Hi there! I came across your blog from Reece's Rainbow. First of all, let me say that our God is GREAT!! And you guys are amazing! God has used your family to save these little boys and I pray that he will bless you guys.

    We are an adoptive family too. We have an 8 year old biological son, and a 4 year old adopted son. We adopted him through CPS. We got a random call in November that our adopted son has two biological sisters who have been in foster care and need a forever family. So we went from a family of 4 to a family of 6 overnight. And I don't have to tell you that it's been a crazy ride!

    I'll continue to follow your blog and pray for your family.

    Jenny Hintze

  3. I envy your life! (minus the vommiting) You are one lucky, and surely never bored, lady!

  4. Robin, your attitude is amazing. Truly amazing. We haven't met, but I've been following your blog for a little while. I think I was introduced to you by either Carrie D. or Adeye? Nonetheless, your wherewithal is truly impressive. Those boys (all four of them!) are beyond blessed to have you for a mama! Their lives will never be the same thanks to you and Josh.

  5. Lol, I think you have officially earned the title Supermom. :)

  6. Wow, you are someone I wish I knew in person! Someone who can be having such a tough time, and go through crazy experiences like THAT, and still think of saying things like Go Go Gadget Arms! You are awesome. : ) So happy things are getting better around there!

  7. Oh my what a day. Thankful though the throwing up is over. Hope today is much better.

  8. Do you think he has pain in his legs? Or perhaps they were restrained in the past and he's afraid of that.We fostered a child who's previous caretaker held her hands tightly whenever she was fed, changed or bathed so that the baby couldn't grab or touch things and it made her have a real aversion to having her hands touched at all. We did retraining where we touched her hands softly while giving her praise and treats(m&m's).

  9. Hang in there, Autumn. Praise the Lord for all your boys, you all are a great example for many! May God give you some extra strength and help with your challenges and some extra blessings as well! Luba.

  10. Hi Autumn....Wow you are one hard working Mama!
    My husband and I are adopting from Ukraine and we have some questions for you. I don't see an email address for you. Would you mind to send me an email?

  11. Oh Autumn! I can't believe what you've been going through with the sick kiddos AND helping your new LOs adjust!! I've been visiting family and not checked your blog in a week, so I just pulled it up and was happy to see several posts but sorry to read you've been in it up to your eyeballs! Prayers for Yuri and for all of you!! Glad things are looking up - you are a Superwoman!

  12. Stumbled upon your Orphan On Our Hearts while looking up some info...I just wanted to let you know that Peter has been spoken for and his forever family is working hard to get all their documents in to be committed to him so that they may announce it. Just thought Id let you know he has a family awaiting him, in case you didnt know!