Monday, February 7, 2011

few pics

Asher, my super sick kiddo right now. I don't know if allergies are getting him or what but his eyes and nose are running away.

Eating pears. He was liking it. Don't know why the serious face.
He has been throwing up a lot... have a call into the pediatrician.

Pears are good!

Helping Mommy clean the kitchen. Yes those are mittens on his hands. Someone wouldn't keep them out of his mouth and now his whole chin is one big chapped place.

In his new outfit that Corey and Jenna surprised us with.
I would say something about why he was upset but he is often upset and it could have been any
number of reasons. I'm really looking forward to our neurology appointment next Thursday.

Bohdan in his monkey outfit. He was ready for a nap. and wasn't about his hat.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I have a few sick kids on my hands. Yuri throws up on the bedding faster than I can get it washed. Bohdan is doing well but doesn't like the new rule of 'no hands in the mouth.' Asher is miserable. And Caius is good but on the verge of being sick as well.

Parasite test came back negative. To my great surprise!! We are waiting to do blood work after the boys gain some weight.


  1. Praying good health over your whole house! I hope Asher doesn't go into that nasty cough that I am hearing everywhere. Caius is just tooooo cute eating his pears, yea for him and Yuri for loving them. Poor Yuri with his tummy trouble. Maybe that is why he is cranky so much. I wonder if he has food allergies or is gluten intolerant. I will target those issues when I pray for you all. Does Bohdan leave the mittens on? He is the cutest little bug. Boundaries are good, he'll figure it out. Breaking bad habits isn't fun.
    Yay on the parasite test! Wonder of wonders. What day does Yuri go to the neurologist?

    I am wishing there was something I could do to lend a hand.
    It is so good to get an update. Now I feel like I have gotten my fix. Thank you! Praying special grace over you, and praying Jesus hears every need of your heart. I am keeping your name lifted before God's throne. Praying also that YOU stay healthy.


  2. That pic of Yuri just makes me want to hold and cuddle him. Which would only make him madder. :)

  3. I dont understnad the no hand in mouth rule??why not try a pacifier or toy he could put in his mouth toy...

  4. Glad to hear the parasite test was negative. Did they also test for H Pylori? Make sure, girl! :)

  5. Poor Yuri. And you! Cause you get to be with him in his miserableness. I do hope the neurology appointment is helpful! Is it NEXT Thursday or this Thursday? I will be praying.
    Bodhan is too cute in the bumbo! :) what a smile.
    Asher sure is happy for a sick kid!

    Praying the sick germs leave quickly!!! Still praying for you all Autumn. Thanks for the update.

  6. It sounds like it's been tough over there. Praying that all the sickness is over soon. : (

  7. Autumn! I'm so glad to see you back. My SIL, Emily (You met her and my brother, Erin, in Ukraine.) have been checking your blog and been a bit worried. We will be praying for healing and protection from illness at your house.

  8. okay ... yes, parasites is one thing, but I found out that H.Pylori was not tested originally - then they tested at my request and it was positive. ASK THEM!

    Sending our love...

    BTW - Ivanna had to wear socks on her hands too. She's getting better.

  9. I know I've said this a hundred times, but your boys are so precious- all four of them. Too cute!

    Still, it sounds like tough and busy times for you. Sick children is no fun at all, and maybe there are some transition problems as well. Hope the neurologist can give you some answers, and I am sure it will get easier in time. As for now I'd just like to give you a big cheer for being Super Mommy :)

  10. Wondering if maybe Yuri has reflux? My little guy and my God-daughter both had this - hers more severe than his - perhaps, if you haven't tried this - try keeping him upright for an hour or so after he eats - or at least on that incline of the bouncy chair. . . Prevacid (prescription) worked wonders for my little guy - it was a powdery mix that we stirred into a bite or two of applesauce.

    Prayers - your boys look SO MUCH better already - amazing what love will do.

  11. Thanks for the pictures! My son, Johnny loves the monkey one! I want to thank you for the idea of going to Build a Bear! Friday was Nikita's 3rd Birthday. We went there to celebrate! I also got a baby picture of Nikita from Andrea - an old RR pic. Praying for you!!!!!!!!!