Saturday, April 16, 2011

Child labor

No children were actually made to work.

Yuri fixin' the car.

Bohdan overseeing Asher's hair cut. He had to make sure I was doing it correctly.

Asher digging up this plant.

Washing the car.

Doing the dishes.
I've decided to merge our family blog and our adoption blog since they are one in the same and I don't have time to keep up two blogs, technically I don't have time to keep up one blog. Which brings me to my next point.

Many of you said that you missed the "Truth" post and didn't know how. Well this is what happened. I started that post the same day as the "prayer request" post, actually before. It took me almost a week to write it. When I finally finished and posted it it posted back to the day I had started it. That gives you an idea how long it takes me to write a post! LOL.


  1. are you sure?lol the look on yuri's face looks like he is being forced lol I totally love your blog :) keep up the good work with the boys you guys are awesome parents!

  2. Ok, so what's your family blog and will you be telling us all what you think Yuri's diagnosis is?

  3. SO cute, Autumn! I love seeing the boys in action!

  4. What handsome, busy boys! Love the pictures...praying things are going better for you all. : )