Tuesday, April 19, 2011

still tweaking the blog

I'm still working on the blog but this is it for now. This is now the adoption and the family blog all rolled into one. It will keep the noknots.blogspot.com address cuz its easy. I've been trying to get a pic with all four of them and this is the best I have gotten. I figure it is pretty true to real life.

My girlfriend is working on a post that will walk you through Yuri's diagnosis but I can tell you that it is Septo-Optic Dysplasia and nothing more. Which is comforting knowing we aren't still looking. Thank you for all of you who left me a comment with links to more information on this. You were right SOD does account for all of his issues. I guess since it is so rare the doctors didn't know all about it. I am generally the person that will research things and not just take a doctors word on it but I've been a little busy. :o)

I took Bohdan and Yuri to the Dentist today which went surprisingly better than I had expected. Bohdan's teeth are great! He is cutting 5 teeth right now though, 2 of which are molars, YUCK! Yuri's teeth are fine but we are having to watch his front two to make sure they don't go bad, they are on the cusp. He is cutting 4 molars! Poor little dudes! I was happy to hear that overall their teeth are in good shape. Thank you Jesus!


  1. What good and amazing news that they have good teeth! :)
    I LOVE the picture on your header. It's great. They are all so cute/handsome.

  2. I love the new look! Great pic of the four boys. Praying for all of you! :)

  3. I love the new look of the blog and LOVE the picture of your sweeties! I with the side bar was back on the other side though, it feels so...backwards this way LOL

  4. I think that pic is great!! And if I may give my unsolicited 2 cents-- that font (in the body of the blogpost) makes me dizzy.
    Off to research SOD. So glad you have a diagnosis!

  5. Glad all the teeth look good! Claire is getting her bottom 2 molars and it's not fun...

    Love the picture of your 4 boys!!

  6. I think it's a WONDERFUL photo! And YAY about their teeth!!! Love the new blog.

  7. love the look of your new blog. Think of your family often, and you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to God. I pray that I would do the same.

  8. I love that picture!
    You're doing a wonderful job with your 4 boys!