Thursday, February 7, 2013


I had every intention to post last night (well and eat and drink and move) but I had a bad reaction. I couldn't stand up, or move my head or open my eyes without feeling very sick, dizzy and nauseous . It sucked. Granted it only lasted about 2 hours but still.

We learned how to do injections today, scary stuff. I guess they put the whole 1.5 inch needle in my rear every morning. Yikes!! I'm gonna have to do it in the AM to myself. I'm a wee bit terrified.

I started crying today when they came to give me the Autologous vaccine. I'm such a weenie. In my own defense, they said the Coley's shot wouldn't hurt and this one would feel like a bee sting. Well, the Coley's shot hurt really bad and I couldn't use my arm for the rest of the day so this shot was terrifying!!! They iced my leg, they didn't for the others which furthered my hysteria, and then brought over a 1.5 inch needle and that is when I lost it. Josh talked me down and the doc gave me the shot. It was nothing. Praise Jesus! I didn't even feel the needle. The injection did feel a little bit like a bee sting but not bad since it was numbed. The doc said that the other doc must have hit a nerve with the other shot.

Josh and I took a long walk on the beach a few days ago in the morning and saw a baby sea lion!!! It was awesome! He actually looked sad though like he was lost or maybe that is just how sea lions look. I think it was a sea lion instead of a seal because he had ear flaps. We got within 50 feet of him. We also watched the pod of dolphins the day before for quite a while and saw 3 of them ride a wave together. Very cool!

2 more days till I get to see my boys!!!! yippee!!!


  1. autumn, i'm so thankful josh is there with you. i'm crying and i'm not the one receiving the injections. asking God to lead, be your strength and provide the grace and courage for each minute of your day.
    e(((hugs))) and prayers
    and you get to see your sons soon!!!!!!

  2. Praying for your quick and full recovery, Autumn. The pictures on this post are really great.