Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just normal stuff

So I have been sick as a dog since Sunday morning. Even though I don't get that saying because I was laying there in misery and my dogs are bouncing off the walls in excitement about, as far as I can tell, nothing!

So last night I'm waiting for Josh to get home and take over my duties so I can crawl up in a corner and wallow in my misery. To pass the time I decide to take the kiddos outside for some Vit D. I put Bohdan in his jump and he is a happy camper. I put Caius in his jump and he is less than enthused. In fact he is down right mad about the prospect and he is letting me know. Asher is running around playing ball with Roxie our German Shepherd.

I'm bringing Yuri outside and as I get to the end of the porch I see Roxie with a dumb look on her face holding the ball in her mouth right there near the porch. Caius is still sharing his feelings when I notice that she is in the squatting position and Asher is laying down behind her trying to get the best view possible of her rear end. It is then that I trip off the porch and my jeans catch on this wire fencing that I have up to keep everyone off the place I'm trying to grow grass.

I try to catch myself but my jeans are hooked and I'm going down. I'm trying to be careful and not drop Yuri and not to scare him either. But on the other hand I'm trying not to fall on Roxie because then she will move mid-squat and cover Asher with the stuff he is so eagerly try to figure out.

I fall onto my elbows. Yuri is fine and un-alarmed. Roxie finishes and trots off. Bohdan is non the wiser. Caius is still sharing his feelings and Asher is saying "oh no! Yook!" over and over while pointing at the pile-o-pooh that Roxie so generously shared with us.

I put the fence back together and on Asher's insistence got the pooper scooper and cleaned up the mush that started this whole mess.

Never a dull moment.


  1. Because what you really need in your life is more poop, right? :)

  2. Oh my goodness.Sounds like a story I would be telling.Thanks for the giggles..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. ok Autumn, from now on before I read ur blog I'm gonna put on some depends! You always crack me up!

  4. Oh no I hate those moments. Lucky everyone was unscathed.

  5. One day you'll be as entertained by this story as we are. Praying strength and grace for you!

  6. thankful for no broken bones!

  7. Ouch - how are your elbows???

    Hope you feel better soon...