Monday, May 16, 2011

This that and the other

We had a great weekend. Dede, papa woody and Alyssa came to visit. actually we went to their hotel and hung out at the pool. Caius and Bohdan are half fish and LOVED the water. Asher was ok until he drank some water then he just played outside the pool. Yuri didn't like the water too much but the metal pole leading into the hot tub was super interesting! It made noise and vibrated! Wow!

We have an answer to prayer. THE HOUSE SOLD! Thank you so much for your prayers. We feel like a huge weight has been lifted. thank you Jesus! It has been a long time since we payed just one mortgage!

prayer requests:
Please pray for the Hartman family. Remember lil Brady a Lost boy in the institution? Well they are there to adopt him right now. I know first hand how hard the trip can be and they are going to a very hard region. Please pray for them and for hearts to be changed.

Also please pray for us. I know you already do but we are faced with some really hard decisions concerning Yuri. Lately he has been more calm and happier which has been really nice but we still don't have any services or help for him. He is falling through ALL the cracks even the ones here at home. I'm spread so thin and I don't think he is getting what he needs. So we are exploring all of his options. Please pray for guidance and wisdom as we seek the Lords will on this.

I wrote this on Friday and between blogger being on the fritz and my computerYET again being a poopy pants I am just getting around to posting this.
Yuri's endocrinologist was yesterday. This is the appointment we have been so looking forward to. And even though we didn't learn anything we didn't already know he told us something that we have been waiting to hear. see if we can help Yuri. Yeehaw!!!

I mean we still have to wait for the labs to come back but he gave us HOPE!!! which is more than we have gotten in the past. We are super excited.


  1. First of all, I just love the font on your blog.

    OK--I'm glad this didn't post right away b/c I would have been super worried about you. I am so glad you got a hopeful piece of news at the doctor. I will be praying for you all though!!! God will take care of you and Yuri. He is big enough.

  2. I know you're at a hard place. I've been there. It was originally thought our daughter had SOD. Hard road. Instead she has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia). However, she has many, many, many unexpected dx's. One step at a time will get you where you need to be. We have great opthalmologist here that my kids see. Still uncertain if Nik has RP(going blind). Won't know till the teen years. Still, he's living a very great life. He's deaf too. You may feel like you are sinking sometimes when you should be swimming but that is totally normal. If you ever need an ear, just write. It was comforting to me years ago when I reached out to others. I wish you nothing but the best. I think Yuri is just one of those cutie pies you want to reach out & give a bear hug to. You're doing great! One step at a time. So glad that you were given hope. And remember, with every new day, there's fresh hope. Take care, Stephanie--

  3. Praise God for HOPE! I truly believe the absence of hope is hell- it's that simple. Praise God for hope on the horizon. You are being stretched so thin. It's just crazy. I can't imagine the special Mommy Guilt Satan is spreading on thick. You both are doing a truly amazing job. Each day is a victory- even if it doesn't feel like it. You are doing the great works He has called you to do. Even if it seems unbearable. And especially mundane. I can't imagine the financial strain of two mortgages for such a long time- I bet that stress carried into areas of your life you never even realized until now. Praise God! Thankful for family who can encourage you. And the simple joys in life that make our children happy- empty wrapping paper rolls, doorstops and vibrating metal poles leading to hot tubs- he he he. Praying for new mercies each day and for His strength to continue to carry you.