Thursday, May 5, 2011

To bathe a duck

So Yuri has a new friend and its name is Puron. Oh yes it is the AC. He crawls to it anytime he is outside. He pulls himself up, places his head on it to feel the vibration and just stands there in bliss.

Josh was reading Asher a book and I put Caius in the mix. Caius was way more interested in Dadda than he was the book. I love his face!

So I got this great deal on a train table with the whole train set at a second hand store, Thank you Tracy. :o) It has a loop in it and I couldn't believe Asher could fit inside! I wondered how the track kept coming apart.

This is Nick the 'Godfather' holding the twins.

So here is the story of the day. Asher pulls out the toy bin with the stuffed animals and brings me three to kiss, a duck, a beaver, and a monkey. I'm on the floor with the twins and don't
think too much about it when he goes into my bedroom. He often plays in there on my bed.

So I'm holding one of the babies and I catch a glimpse of Asher running from my room through the kitchen and into his room. I hear shuffling around in his closet and then he flies back through. I still am not alarmed. A few moments later he comes to me with a soaking wet duck and a burp cloth which he had procured from his closet. He motions for me to wrap it up. So I wrap up the duck and acknowledge (with as much exuberance as I can muster) that he gave the duck a bath.

After the duck is properly swaddled, he takes the mallard and tucks it under his arm for safe keeping. Reluctantly I ask "Did you give the duck a bath in the sink?" He replied with an over exaggerated head nod. " Did you give the duck a bath in the tub?" Again an over exaggerated nod of agreement. Right... ( I think). "Did you give the duck a bath in the toilet?" I get the same affirmative. Yikes!

So I go into the bathroom and follow the trails of water around the sink to the TOILET and this is what I see......
A puddle of water at the base of the toilet and the monkey and beaver waiting for their turn. Needless to say, bath time for the stuffed animals ended there.


  1. hahahhahahahhahahahahahh daughter when she was two bought me her tea cup one day while i was on the phone not thinking i took a sip at the same time i said jade were did you get the water for this??she smiled widely "The toilet she exclaims.."as i spit out the water she replies indigantly well its ok for the dog to drink the water..what can you say to that??p.s theres a clip on box you can get for the crib that makes the whole crib vibrate we used it on our kids with colic maybe itll be good for your little one??check ebay..I swear the whole crib vibrates..

  2. Ah, thats too funny! So sweet- using a burp cloth for a bath towel! almost as good as using a recieving blanket for a diaper back at the orphanage! :D

  3. got me giggling... lucky you caught the beaver and monkey in time :) they look cute waiting for their turn!

    Loved reading the updates, especially Bohdan and Yuri enjoying outdoors (your blog heading picture is beautiful). It is a lovely sight :)

  4. Funny and gross at the same time! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. LOL!! Oh my word, what a great way to start my day - thank you, Autumn! Things are rough in Bama, I genuinely appreciate this laugh. ;) Being a mom brings adventures we never would've thought of before it happened to us! lol Still praying for y'all! <3

  6. I throw the stuffed animals in the washing machine and dryer - they all turn out great! ( even though some say don't - they still turn out great!

  7. My goodness, Yuri's grimaces are something else! Even when he's smiling, he's grimacing!

    I love the last photo, of the beaver and monkey waiting their turn! LOL Too funny!