Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm so excited! Lil Sasha has got a big grant now!! $4195 Woo Hoo!To God be all the Glory!! Thank you all who gave to his grant and who will give to Nikita and Sasha.

Plus, our FSP fund has increased too!! Yippee!!

Reece's Rainbow got a new website and it is GREAT!! Very easy to use. I'm having trouble getting to it but I'm sure that is my error. I'm what some might (do) call technologically impaired.

Any who, we are waiting....... This is the hard part. We faxed our Dossier there last Saturday and then on Monday we got an email saying the fax didn't go through. So we had to re-fax Monday morning. I haven't heard anything back yet. At least when I running around like crazy I felt I was inching closer to my boys. Now just twiddling my thumbs. I will say though if I could iron my way there, I would have already been there and back by now! I had some catching up to do.

May I recommend a life changing book and I mean LIFE CHANGING!! It is so good! Josh is on his second time through now in just two weeks. The book is RADICAL by David Platt. It is a MUST read.

Christmas Warriors- I think RR is still in need of some Christmas Warriors. If you would be willing to advocate for an orphan this holiday season please let RR know!

Alrighty, I have two teething littles fussing at me. Gotta go!

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