Friday, October 8, 2010

How to tell you about this week...

I don't know, so I'll just go day by day.

Monday- we were waiting on the proof of employment from the guy who does our taxes. This was the second time we were requesting it, as the first one didn't fly. We had picked it up on Friday but noticed that the guy hadn't signed it. So Monday we dropped it off at his office but he wasn't there. We weren't able to get it until Tuesday. So....

Tuesday- We were handed the check! Thank you God!!

We get the proof of employment and fax a huge pile of paperwork to our family facilitator for checking. While all of this was going on, we got word that our Proof of Home Ownership wasn't gonna fly because something was blacked out.

Definition of Ridiculous- The country where we are adopting our boys from won't accept any document that has ANYTHING blacked out. Our county assessor's office will not write us a letter with the information because 'that's not how they do it." All they can do it print us up a form that has a remarks section in it with the previous owner's DOB, which they legally have to black out. We told them that it was not accepted. So they checked with their attorney who said they cannot give us the form without the DOB part blacked out. They also cannot remove the remarks section or move it.

So I wrote county assessor's lady a desperate email, pleading for the lives of my boys who are rotting away in their cribs. ..... I haven't heard anything yet.

Wednesday- I email our social worker who did our Home Study and asked her for a new copy with a few changes. Minor changes. She said we need to submit the new copy to USCIS when we get it. No worries. Right?

Friday- I get an email about our pile-o-paperwork we sent in. All was well except the Proof of Employment. Grrrrr! The guy who does our taxes didn't put his title under his signature, just below his name. Which by the way matches the letter head since he is the owner. So Josh calls him to have him redo the letter with his title under his name and what do you think happened...

Josh calls me and says "you're not gonna believe this, the guy who does our taxes isn't a CPA. In fact he has no title except the owner of the company." I wanted to cry but I just started laughing. I mean what are ya gonna do. We love this guy. He was referred to us by some great friends of ours and he has always done a great job us. HOW CAN HE NOT HAVE A TITLE. ok......

So we get home and guess what was in our mailbox. oh yes our USCIS approval! Except what about resubmitting the home study... yuck.

what can I say? Any and all advice is welcomed.


  1. Just trust and obey. The Lord is in control.

  2. Egads, what a pain. Can't you get proof of employment from your employer? Why does it have to come from the tax guy?? Just an idea...I really have no idea what I'm talking about LOL I hope it works itself out quickly tho!