Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, little Nikita has a family but it isn't ours. My heart is broken and I don't know how we are going to leave him there but I know that God has a super cool and loving family already picked out for him. We (as in you and I) just have to help find them. We can do this by praying and praying with a little bit of spreading the word and fundraising. It is amazing how much easier it is for these babies to find families when the financial burden is lifted. There are so many people that would adore to have these babies but money stands in the way. Stupid old money. It is such a minor and easy thing for God to work out and yet it controls our lives. Funny huh?

My goal is to help build Nikita's (and Sasha #3) grant fund until it will be inevitable to get them a family. You rarely see a child with a large grant wait very long. Just in case you don't know how to give to Reece's Rainbow you can just send your donation to
Reece's Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885 and write the name of the child you want to receive the donation. And it is all tax deductible!

Nikita (3)

Boy, Born February 4, 2008
YAY, new pictures of Nikita!! He is a darling little boy and is doing well. He was born with an open oval window. He likes to play with toys and is interactive with his caregivers. Nikita needs a loving family to help get him out of this crib and be the little boy he so wants to be! He does not have any other medical complications to prevent him from being active and happy in your family.
This orphanage has a history of medicating the children, so many of them look sleepy and zoned out in their photos. It is imperative to find families for all of these children quickly. Wade can be adopted with Nikita below, and or any of the other children listed in orphanage 3.
I have $450 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Boy, Born 2006

Look at this happy little face! Sasha is 3 years old. He has blonde hair and brown eyes, and is a happy, active, Orphanage favorite. He is HEALTHY, despite being born with the cord wrapped around his neck.

I have $195 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Can I just say... $450 and $195 paaaleeeze!! We can do better than that!

Ok, moving on. Drove to the capital yesterday to have our dossier apostilled. That is where I was informed that they can't apostille proof of home ownership (oh yeah the one we have been fighting for) because it is certified by a municipality. huh.

So off to paper chase yet again. :o) I'm so excited we are so close!


  1. Oh my heart, when you said Nikita has a family but it wasn't yours, I thought you meant someone else had beat you to committing to him (that his family had found him!)! I was REJOICING...until I read on... :o( I will plan on donating to his fund (sort of funny because I had originally planned on donating to Yulia but then her goal was met so I decided I'd donate that money to yours instead...but then your goal was met!).

    Anyway, I'm glad things are moving along quickly for you and I wil pray for clarity for you on the 3rd child issue :o) Do you follow the Enskats blog? They adopted 3, maybe you could contact them.

  2. I too pray for little Nikita and Sasha, and hope they find their families soon! But let's not forget the small girls too... Sonya, Lindsey and Shawna, also in #3, and almost too old to have a chance. I'm a Christmas Warrior for Sonya, so I mention her whenever I can ;-) The sad reality is that there are countless children to pray for, and donate to. But we just have to keep trying!

    I'm so happy you are so close! This is moving along quite fast (relatively speaking...), isn't it? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, maybe your beautiful boys will be home before too long!