Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last leg

We are on the last leg of our paper chase. God worked it all out and we got everything we needed! Thank you Jesus! Thank you all for your advice and prayers!

I sent a fax out last night for approval. If it passes inspection then we will just have to get everything apostilled and then we will be sending off our dossier.

We still don't have peace about what we are going to do about the childcare issue but we aren't worried. We know God has this all worked out.

I would like to ask you all to pray with us about something. We have been approved for 3 children. We can't fathom adopting 3, we don't even know how that would work but more than anything we want to be in God's will. Please pray that we will know what God's will is for us on this issue and if it is His will that we bring one more home that He would show us who it should be. Its scary to write this but following God isn't always comfortable.


  1. Three! What a huge bunch of love that would be:) I'm sure it would come with it's share of crazy too;) Hope that you find a clear path to your answer, cause fuzzy ones aren't fun to walk down.

  2. Wow, God WILL show you the way. I know He will :) How exciting.

  3. You will have lots of fun and lots of LOVE with three more ;) I hope God shows you the way He has chosen for your family!

  4. Praying for clairity for your decision. Little Nikita would be an adorable addition though ;) Just sayin'... Hope your answers come quickly, and if you are supose to bring 3 home, the funding is provided! Prayers on their way!