Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 2- Holding my babies!

I think Yuri had just poked himself in the eye with the stacking ring post but this captures him so well.

Notice Bohdan is using his thumb to move the images on the screen around.

Did I mention Robin is a photographer? She did some quick editing of our photos from today and I love them!

My boys soaking in lovin' from their aunt Robin.

Playing patty cake yet again and it is just as fun as ever!

This is Robin's favorite picture. Bohdan saw the camera and was reaching for it.

Robin trying to love on Yuri, can you tell what he was thinking?

Look at this baby!! Look how red his eyes are. :o( Tired baby.

Robin was trying to get him to blow rasberries.

This is when we first walked in their room and I was tickling Bohdan.
Robin had decided that he is a Kevin Bacon look-a-like. After she said that I would have to agree but Bohdan is cuter.
click the link about for more pictures.

When we got to the orphanage they invited us into the boys room because they were waiting for a doctor to come and do a routine check of all the children. We got to spend some time with all the babies in the room and meet the new child that was transfered to that room from another part of the orphanage. He was beautiful, his legs didn't work correctly as far as I could tell but everything else was fine. They told me that he has CP but is cognetively fine. He is 6 years old and in danger of transfer. I'm hoping to get info on him to find him a family. Its not too soon to start praying though!

We then went to the zoo room and spent and hour and a half with the boys. Both boys took to our visit like we had visited yesterday. Bohdan was working the iphones and is very smart! He saw the picture on our cameras and put one finger out to 'flick' to the next picture. He was not thrilled when the camera didn't 'work' properly. Yuri had a great day! He still didn't want to be touched but he was playing stacking rings with Robin and would touch her hand and push it to the stack when she would pick up a ring. She has a gift with kiddos and and thinks he will be fine with touching and holding in no time. He impressed her when he held onto her hands and took some steps. I think this boy is going to be mobile soon!!

Bohdan is a smart booger and would pull up his sleeves if they fell down around his hands. Tomorrow we take them out on the town for their passport pictures so we shall see how that goes. I'm very excited to spend time in a new place with them.
So the count today is quite boring, Robin- 1 slip and that was right outside the front door this morning. We have been great pedestrians the rest of the day.
We have a problem though. We have never really spent time one on one. We have spenbt time together but always at family functions or dinner get togethers. We really didn't know how this was gonna go. Well let me explain it like this, do you remember when you were kids and you would have a sleep over with your friends and you couldn't go to sleep even though your parents kept telling you to. Well that is us! We are dead tired, lay down in bed and then talk for hours. We tell each other, 'ok, no more talking, good night, good evening'. about 5 seconds will pass and then we burst into laughter. I swear it is like we are 13 again.
Tonight we are planning ahead, I brought nyquil, valerian root and tylenol PM, to the coffee shop so we can take one before we head back to the apartment. My back up is Anton, I told him if we don't take something to shoot us with tranquilizer darts on our way out. J/K
But seriously we need to sleep! We were both falling asleep in the notary's office and in the car. tomorrow is going to be a very long day so we are going to do our best to rest. Wish us luck!!

Oh yeah and on day 1 I lost one of my gloves :o(. Just one. Why couldn't I lose it on the last day? That would have made so much more sense!
A big return shout out to our friend Dan who got to meet his babies today. Check out his blog.


  1. So great to see the boys again.Anxious to see their reaction to going out.Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I love all the new pictures of the boys and am glad that you and Robin are having such a wonderful time too!

  3. YAY! Babies! They look as beautiful as ever! When do you estimate you'll be able to spring them outta there?? I hope you'll still blog as often as you can when you get them home because I'm lovin' the daily posts again...I missed them during the 10 day wait!

  4. Please post info on the 6 yo angel boy close to transfer when you get it!
    I am praying that God will make abundantly clear to me how to best serve his precious orphan children...

  5. Sounds like the girls are having a BLAST together :) How fun.

    So glad the boys are doing well, friend. The pics are simply beautiful.

    Yuck....not the zoo room again :)

    Can't wait to hear how they do on their little outing tomorrow. Be prepared, if Yuri is anything like Hailee, he will be freaked out. Just ask Tatianna how Hailee did when we took her for the passports!!! She will never forget that glorious day when Hailee brought the house down :)


  6. Now those are some awesome pictures. Enough to make Caleb and I jealous. ;-) No fair bringing a professional photographer though.

    So glad to see your visit is going well. Praying the first car trip goes great!

  7. The pics are great! I'm so glad it was like you saw them yesterday.

    Good job on not falling down. And also, am I going to have to come over there and separate you two??? :)

  8. Such wonderful pictures. Such precious babies!

  9. Hi there. We are still following you. Remember us (your train ride partners from Kiev to Kharkov)? Send me your email so I can add you to my blog and you can catch up. We came home and went with RR. We submit our new Dossier Feb 10 and hopefully travel soon. His picture is on the blog. So glad you have your babies! Praise God! Jodi and Kevin Tarkovich (