Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our first weekend

The quilt giveaway ended today. However the genius typing this didn't figure the chip in correctly and it ended a day early..... SO if you were one of the ones wanting to get in on the give away and couldn't then you still have one more day. I will do the drawing on the 2nd. Sorry for all the delays! Oh yeah and I think I fixed the chip in.

Ok now on to babies!
Bohdan and Lyndsay!

Bohdan checking out the light. Very interesting!

Not sure what I was thinking by trying to get a pic with all of us in it. It was interesting.

Asher didn't want to be there he wanted to play chase under the palm. Yuri loves watching Asher especially when he gets close. Asher is having to relearn how to share. He is generally good but Yuri doesn't know how to play with the toys correctly and it irritates Asher so he will take the toys away.
Bohdan has become the new resident fuss bucket. He is so spoiled! He is so attached that he sobs if Josh or I leave the room. He is very sensitive.

Check out Yuri, trying to figure out Caius.

Caius is taking to his new brothers well.

Patty cake still a hit. Plus, don't know if you can tell but we are brushing the boys teeth and boy do they smell so much better. Plus I think they look better too!

We were out soaking up the sun while Josh cleaned the rug. Yuri is having some adverse reactions to something we are feeding him and has thrown up 3 times so far. My carpet shampoo is getting a work out. Anyway, while we were outside Yuri grabbed a hold of the hose and started pulling. He is very strong. He kept pulling and covered Caius with the loops. Caius didn't care, he joined in and then started chewing on the hose. I like this picture though because you can really see the difference between Yuri at 3 1/2 and Caius at 15 months.


  1. You have such a darling family! Precious, precious, precious!!!

  2. I love the family pics and the hose picture! They're all good : ) Can you please enter me in for the quilt giveaway? Looking forward to following your family's journey and seeing God's goodness through you!

  3. I love it! Even though I know it is difficult, I am so happy to hear that Bohdan is so attached, and the smiles on Yuri's face are such a blessing!

    Beautiful family!

  4. Autumn & Josh,

    What great pictures of the six of you together! It looks like it is nice and warm where you are. Lucky! We are freezing. All the boys look great.
    Love from the Lococos

  5. Ack, my comment went away!

    You will be glad one day that you tried to take those pictures! :)

    I was thinking about Bohdan wanting to be held all the time. He has learned that loving arms are a good thing. He's missed out on a LOT of being held. He's had like, nearly none. No attachement disorders for that boy! He wants to be held? I say, he's SMART!

    And I will be praying for Yuri's stomach to adjust to food!

  6. You have a gorgeous family. So glad the boys are home!

  7. I am loving these pics! Yuri playing patty cake-- that is awesome! So precious!
    When we adopted our youngest, 2 at the time, he couldn't handle eggs (hard to digest) or more than 1/2 a banana. Fruit in general was hard on him. But instead of throwing up, he just exploded out the other end. I'm not sure which is worse. lol

  8. What a BEAUTIFUL family! I'm sure Bohdan will stop fretting about you leaving the room once he understands you are not the temporary help, but a real forever family. It will take time, but what a miracle to watch the boys blossom!

  9. Perfect Family Pictures - all of them - because you are together!
    Blessings & Prayers,

  10. Love the family pics! It is great to see everyone together, and gives a good perspective of Yuri and Bohdan's size. They are little squidgets. I'll be praying for Yuri's food issues. Bohdan is such a smart boy, he will figure out that you are coming right back when you leave the room. He knows he has a good thing going on and doesn't want it to end. I love the hose picture! I wish I could fast forward about 3 months down the road to see the change in the boys. It sounds like Asher and Caius are doing a great job with the adjustment of new brothers too.

  11. Such sweetness! You are blessed!~Amy

  12. I can't get over how TINY the new boys are. I look forward to seeing them grow with the love and nourishment they are now getting!

    The pics may not be perfect, but they are priceless.

    God bless.

  13. Outside in January and there is sun, oh how I long to live near you! Lovely pictures. Your Bohden reminds me of my Noah. every time I see his picture I smile.

    Be blessed

  14. So happy that you are home, and that you live in a nice, warm place to bring those sweeties home to! Congratulations!!!!!

  15. Oh Autumn, what beautiful pictures of your family! So happy to see all of you TOGETHER! And as difficult as it may be, I think it's good that Bohdan is already so attached to you! Have you tried carrying him in a sling or a backpack so you can still get things done? My little guy is 17 months old and it all mama's boy, but I have 3 other children that need me too! Sometimes they only way I get things done, especially when he's fussy, is carrying him in my Mei Tai on my back :o)