Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 5- the last goodbye.

My cool guys!! I guess Asher had followed our kitten Trixie up to the top of the upright piano (very high!). Asher went over and got Josh's sunglasses and put them on his forhead just like his Daddy. Josh,noticing that Asher is mimicking him, puts his own sunglasses over his eyes. Asher does the same. Hence the 'cool' picture!

Valentin took this for us. We were visiting in the forey (sp?).


Lovin' on Bohdan!

Oh my! How handsome.

Fruit Ninja on Robin's I pad. He is a total Ninja!!

What a big boy!

A beautiful picture of Robin and Yuri.

Plugging ears!! I will plug his ears and he will look around like what is that noise!!

My sweetie!!

Today was the last day we will say good bye to the boys. Robin and I were explaining to them that tonight is the last night they will stay in the orphanage, tonight is the last night they will sleep away from their family. We told them that today was the last day they will wear orphange clothes with numbers on them. That tomorrow they will wear their very own clothes and pink will be a color they will only see on flowers and girls. We told them that they will not be alone anymore and that this is the last night they will spend as orphans. I thank the Lord our God that He has made this possible and that He chose us to be Yuri and Bohdan's family. What a great honor this is! We serve an awesome God who loves and cares for the least of these. My heart is overwhelmed by His great big love for us.

The boys did great at the visit today. The latest and greatest is 'Indian'. Bohdan will make noises with his mouth and I will pat his mouth to make funny sounds. Today all I would have to do is put my hand to my shoulder (my right not my left, if I tried the left he would push it away) and he would grab my arm stick his face out, pucker his lips and make noise so I would pat his mouth to make 'indian' noises. Yuri loved this! It didn't matter what he was doing but the moment he heard that noise he would squirm so he could watch and then he would laugh and laugh. Both boys did great today! Robin and I absolutely cannot wait to bust them out tomorrow!

We had to run around and do some paperwork today. After calculating our expenses we figured we could scrape by with the money we had. Then there were extra 'fees' today so we asked to go to a bank. Let me just say, it wasn't impossible but if you are coming after us bring extra and hide it away for 'just in case.'

We got the list of items the boys are fed. Big shocker to us was coffee in their morning puree!!!!!!!!! Anyway we went to the store to stock up and realized they call many of the things we use for babies different names. Like stew is baby food meat and veggies, porrige is different flavored baby cereal. There was crackers, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese on the list. I'm hopeful then that they don't have a milk allergy. For the life of me I cannot find crackers at the grocery store so I think they are giving them cookies.
With this thought in mind I offer the boys a cookie today. They knew exactly what a cookie was and not in a good way. They didn't just push is away and fuss they were visible agitatted and upset that there was a cookie present. They didn't calm down until we put it away. Keep in mind we never tried to put it in their mouths. Oh Lord, what have these precious angels endured that the sight of a cookie scares them to death.
Thank you all for your prayers. There is a good possiblility that everything will work out and that we will leave on Saturday. We are leaving the apartment at 10am tomorrow morning to go bust the boys out. YeeeHaww!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Autumn, I'm praying for you all! I hope tomorrow goes well - I can't wait to read all about it.

  2. Your post gave me chills as I read about saying goodbye for the last time! I am so happy for the 6 of you guys! What a beautiful family you are going to be! Can't wait to see the first full family photo.

    My prayers are with you!

  3. PTL!! 2 less! Yay! Cant wait to see the pics.

    Be blessed

  4. You know, Asher IS going to be about the coolest kid around--THREE little brothers looking up to him? Please. He will rock!

    Cannot WAIT to hear they have been sprung! :) But, I also know it will be distressing for them and so difficult for you. I will be praying for this huge transition they are about to undergo. We KNOW it's for the best--that it's awesome, but it will take awhile for them to know that.

  5. Can't wait to see the boys safely home.Once they feel secure they are really going to change.Thank you for sharing the journey with us.I so adore seeing the boys and your adventures.Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. I am so, SO, excited for you all. Overwhelmed with joy that tomorrow the boys and you are on your way HOME. I feel like I am on pins and needles until that happens and will be praying for you, keeping you all covered in prayer. I love seeing the changes I already see in these dear boys. I can't imagine the things they will be accomplishing in a year from now. I am beyond grateful that you have been called to rescue Yuri and Bohdan. Godspeed.

  7. So happy to hear that it is the boys last night in the orphanage, I have been praying for your family for several months and this post brought tears to my eyes! Safe travels HOME!!!

  8. Can't stop the tears! I am so happy for you guys, can't wait to read your next post!!! Lots of prayers coming your way!

  9. oh poor little guys, with the cookie. I can not even imagine why they would fear something most children go nuts over. Poor things. I am so glad you will be getting them out tomorrow. I will pray the rest of your trip is very quick and uneventful.

  10. This post just totally made me cry. I remember how excited I was that last night. I barely slept although I knew that the next few days would be a whirlwind with appointments and adjusting and coming home. I just remember how happy and sad I was that night. SO happy to be at the end of our journey, but so sad for those who loved him for the first years of his life, and for him being ripped out of all that he ever knew... I know that he is SO much better off, and I love him SO much and he is SO happy but it was bittersweet. Take it all in tomorrow. SO happy for you!!!! Can't wait to see "Gotcha" pics!!

  11. Your heart must be exploding with joy and anticipation! Prayers for a smooth ride and transition HOME with your boys!

  12. From experience and knowing how my six year old feels about those same cookies - THEY CRAM THEM INTO THEIR MOUTH! It has to be horrifying as a child to have cookies plugged in one after the other as fast as you can eat them. Aaron would choke and gag and they kept stuffing. We watched this enough to be sick. We finally were able to free him from having to eat with the group. We would take the cookies and candy out of the eating shed... and then throw them away because he wanted NOTHING to do with them. He still will not eat a dry cookie. Fresh baked - loves them. Store-bought - he will reject them every single time!

  13. YIPPEE! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself, I can only imagine how you are feeling! What an enormous blessing to have Robin their to take such incredible photos for you! Tomorrow is the day HOORAY!!!!

  14. Yipeeeeeee.......oh that you, Jesus!!!!!! I can hardly wait.

    Praise God from who all blessings flow.

  15. I have been following your journey, I am so happy to see the last day in the orphanage. I hope your trip home goes smooth. those boys are so adorable

  16. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and am so excited to watch your boys blossom and grow when they get home! I have a bio son with DS and an adopted son from China who we brought home a year ago. His special need was a surgery he had to have in China. We also have a 9 yr old daughter. They are all the best of friends and of course, fight pretty good too:) God bless!

  17. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you all!! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us!