Monday, January 10, 2011

plea for prayer

Hello all, we are back home and loving every minute. We drove home Saturday, went to church yesterday. My brother and sister in law and my two nieces came down yesterday and brought gifts for the boys which we played with all night. We have had a nice time seeing everyone again. I thought Grandma Di was going to pop when she saw the boys.

Anyway, somebody whose name is not worth mentioning, is still super upset about this whole thing and is wrecking havoc on us. Josh's computer was acting funny while we were gone and now it is toast and needs to be wiped. No problem except that today is Josh's first day of work in a month and we really need for him to work. One month of no pay is a little hard on the check book. So I told Josh to use my laptop which is still a headache but at least he could work. So he starts downloading all the programs he needs to work and then my laptop goes on the fritz.

So Josh gets both laptops and heads to his office to try and get one of them to work. When he gets there he learns that his office flooded while we were gone. Not a huge amount of damage but all his maps got wet and his travel printer got wet. Not to mention his desk and stuff and now he has to deal with that also.

This isn't a huge deal but it is just funny on top of everything else. So I get out my netbook to check email and my email is going crazy. When I try to reply to an email all the buttons are scattered in random places across the page and the address bars look like boxes and none of the text I type shows up.

So can you all pray for us? Thanks! I'm off to the grocery store so I can feed my babies. The fridge is EMPTY!


  1. So sorry to hear that "you know who" is trying to cause so many problems for your beautiful family. No fretting my friend, because you know he won't win. You have so many people behind you and your crew and let's not forget that you have the King of Kings on your side. Silly little "you know who" will not win! I can guarantee you that. (-: Have a great day.

  2. Oh wow. I forgot to mention, of course we are praying for your family as well. I am so excited to soon be able to see all of your precious boys united under one roof (along with the adults of course). How exciting!

  3. praying for you and your sweet family! found your blog through a series of others with special needs adoptions. we are praying and hoping to adopt Lydiah from Reece's Rainbow! praying for the finances to do it! i loved reading through your adoption story. it helps us know what we're in for! :) if you think of us, pray for us too!