Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 3- going out

This pic was taken when we first got Bohdan at the orphanage. He was in an orange snow suit which is better than pink but it did have flowers on it. :o(
I realize it isn't fair to bring a professional photographer but in my defense she ins't using her big camera. I'm just loving the pictures. She take my memory card and edits my photos also. They look so much better when she gets done with them.

I can't explain our feelings upon taking the boys outside. It was awesome and it was only for today but the thought of this being the first time for them and the first time we have been with them outside was just awesome. Robin and I kept giggling and kisssing on the boys. Valentin took a pic of us so we could remember the moment. Too cool!

Is he handsome or what?!!!! Yes guess who took this picture, not me. I love it. He was very handsome today in his snow suit. They were my little abominable snow babies. Their snow suits were too big for them and their hands were engulfed in the sleeves. They would try to suck on thier fingers but the bulk of their clothing didn't make it easy.

Day 3
Well boys did absolutely amazing today the adults didn't fair so well.

We are so proud of Yuri and Bohdan, I mean think about it, they have never been outside (that they can remember), they have never rode in a car, or been held longer than the 2 hours that we hold them on our visits. They have never been in or seen a crowd of adults, they have never been in a city or seen snow or been in the sunlight. So taking all this into account they did so great! Did I mention they didn't get a nap today and were sweating their guts out cuz of all the layers?
Both the boys handled the car ride like champs. Looking out the window and checking out the scenes. Once the car would stop though Yuri would get fidgitey. By the time we got to the passport office both boys were yawning and ready for a nap. We sat in a large waiting area with benches. We were trying to calm the boys down and we were pulling out all our stops but they just wanted to lay in the safety of the crib they know. We played and listened to music. Robin pulled out the Iphone and let Bohdan use his little fingers to scan through pictures. The nurse who accompanied us couldn't believe it! She was super impressed and even got my attention so I could see. :o)
Not to be dramatic but everyone was staring at us and whispering. I guess we were a spectical even though we were mostly quiet. After an hour and a half of dirty looks and a hot smelly room we left. The boys pictures came out great and they are really cute. Unfortunately Bohdan was in his girlie pink sweater. just building memories I guess. Poor little Yuri was more than done and just wanted his bed. On the way back Robin was playing him music and she started playing this one song, he put his ear on it like usuall but then started smiling and then laughing!! Not just once but many times. This was such a blessing to us after our long day. Bohdan just sat in my lap and we held hands. It was wonderful!
We drove at lightening speed back to the orphanage and then back to the arpartment. We ate dinner and then dragged ourselves down to the coffe shop to get online. That was the hardest part. I could have just passed out I was so exhausted!
The day was hard on us because we were in the car from 9am till 5:30pm with only an hour and a half for Robin and two and a half hours for me spent in waiting rooms. We had no time for lunch or drinks and we didn't have any potty breaks. I'm sure we could have asked for them but after not drinking or eating anything it was not necessary. It was also stressful being on display for so many and not in a good way. I just said that we should love these boys as much as we can and let God do the rest in their hearts.
Sorry if this post is incoherent but I'm running on empty. Talk to you all tomorrow.
by the way, please pray about our passports. The date of birth changes are causing quite a few problems. They say we might not get the passports on Friday and will have to wait the weekend to pick them up. Which isn't the end of the world but it would be nice to catch our scheduled flight on Wednesday.


  1. It might not be the end of the world- but my gut feeling is that you all need to be home... especially Yuri. He just can't grasp the bigger picture, it's too much for him.

    Oh, I pray hard that you are all home soon. For all of you :)

    And thank you, or your sister, for the gorgeous photos.

  2. One step closer to bringing those boys home! Can you share what you changed their birthdates too? I'm really curious how all that works :o)

  3. Love the pictures and the updates, thanks for continuing to share your journey. My heart is so happy that the boys are so close to being home. Will pray for speedy passports, so you can catch that scheduled flight. Will also be praying for easy travels and for the boys to tolerate the trip home well. Its amazing to think about them seeing the world for the first time! Amy

  4. My whole family LOVED catching up and seeing all the beautiful pics.

    Oh poor Yuri, I know how hard this is on him. It sounds like he did pretty okay though--all things considered. Gosh, this is so huge from them, friend. I struggle to wrap my heart and my heart around the changes that these kids go through.

    When do you actually get the out of the orphanage? I thought the ten day wait would be over by now?

    Hang tight....you're almost there.

  5. I am praying for your QUICK journey! Your boys are beyond precious.

  6. Praying for you!!!!!! Thanks for keeping us all posted - even though you are tired! Love reading all about it - I'm just eating it all up!!! My heart is with you!!!! Hugs are coming your way!