Sunday, January 16, 2011

Me, Robin and the stroller

Hello!!! Long time no talk! We are here after literally two days of traveling. It was a long trip but we are rested and out on the town.

Before I update you about the trip I wanted to tell you about the quilt drawing. I've decided to postpone it until the 30th since it is impossible to do from here. So if you know anyone who would like a chance at the quilt tell them there is still time.

Ok, so after much debate about what to take for the kiddos I decided to take an umbrella stoller. Poor Robin, I told her that she needed to pack all of her stuff in her carryon which she did, bless her. I packed two large duffle bags that just barely passed the weight limit. What did I pack you ask? Well mostly peanut butter. That is what was requested by our coffee shop friends so that is what we brought. I actually weighed one of the jars on the scale at the ticketing counter and it weighed 2.5 pounds!! Crazy!

Anyway I was going to see if they would let me count the stroller as my carryon and then gate check it. We put Robin's duffle in the stroller and went around the airport. Needless to say we got some strange looks. I mean who uses a stroller with no baby? So we go to the gate to board the plane and I ask the stewardess if we can gate check the the stroller. She double takes the duffle bag and asks if we have a child. I reply "We will! We are adopting two boys and are on our way to pick them up!" She gives us the weirdest smile, which at the time we didn't understand, and then gate checks the stroller. As we walk down the hall to the plane it hits us, we have the same last name, we are two women and 'WE' are adopting. We start laughing because it was too late to rectify the misunderstanding. So we get to Chicago and decide to go to Chilis. We get to the hostess and she asks "two?" and then looks down at the duffle in the stroller. It was all we could do not to say "two and a highchair". We were laughing so much at the situation and the looks we were getting.

So then we go to the gate waiting area and one of the stewardesses asks us if we want to gate check the stroller. We say yes. Then she comes back with a tag and says, I checked it all the way to your final destination. I told her that we kinda wanted it at next airport so we can wheel around the carryon. She explains that it should go all the way to our final destination unless they mess up or something goes wrong. What? Those are not the words you want to hear.

Since there was no arguing with her, we just went with it and got on the plane. We sat next to a gentleman who was also adopting two kiddos from RR. How cool is that? So we got to talk to him the whole flight and it was great fellowship. God's so cool how put us with each other. Our new friends name was Dan, here is his blog, He is adopting from a different country than us and will be meeting his babies for the first time soon.

Anyhow, we get off the plane from our 8 hour flight and have to walk up these stairs. Robin was lugging her carryon which was heavy. I told her I felt so bad about the stroller and I wish we had it. I said to her when we reach the top of the stairs "we would have had the stroller if it wouldn't have been for miss helpy-helperton checking it all the way for us." It was then that we almost tripped over none other that the stroller!! It was laying in the middle of the gate waiting area. Not at the plane, not at the desk, in the middle of the floor! You can't make this stuff up! It was too funny! So we pop it open, throw our duffle baby in and take off!

We get to country about 1pm on Saturday and go through customs which is different. You just walk past and they stop whoever they want so not everyone get checked. They stopped us and asked where we were coming from. I said 'America'. He asked if we were bringing any gifts. I said 'yes", he asked what. Both Robin and I smile, laugh and say "peanut butter". He scoffs and waves us on. We just laughed and took off. We then meet Niko who was also waiting for another couple who were coming for their first visit and have their SDA appointment on Monday. We only spent a little time with them because we had to catch the train.

Now in my defense I didn't feel that the heavy bags would be a problem because they are on rollers and then to get on and off the train our drivers helped us with our luggage. Well.... that was not the case. Niko had to go with the other couple so we were on our own at the train station which still didn't bother me until I learned we weren't in a sleeper car, we were in a regular car with seats. Hmmm.... What were we in for? So we find our train car by the grace of God because we were clueless. Now to this point all the train cars have been level with the platform until this one of course. It was a big step up and then there was 4 steps to the top and they were steep. And of course the crazy American women with too much luggage are a great form of entertainment so we are being watched by many. I try to act like this is no big deal and throw the stoller up to the top. Climb up myself and then Robin lifted one of the monstrosities up the steps and I pull it up. We do the same with the next and then she gets up. Then we have to find our seats which ended up being on the opposite end of the train. No biggie except the duffles barely fit down the isle. We get the biggest duffle down to our seats and it takes both of us lifting it over our heads to hoist it onto the luggage rack. Then Robin had to stand on the seats to shimmy it all the way on. We do that with the second duffle and settle in. Oh my! Luckily Valentin came onto the train to help us off with the luggage when we arrived. We get to our apartment and he is unloading the car. I tell him to give me one of the duffles and I'll roll it. He 'ssttts' me and motions me away. He throws one over his shoulder and carries the other. It was very nice to have a man around. I miss you Josh!! and not just to carry the luggage :o)

We get in, unpack and get in bed. We are exhausted, we have only had cat naps no longer than an hour long for two days straight so we should go to sleep quickly right? Nope that would make sense. We got in bed around 12:30 am and talked for at least an hour before we fell asleep. Oh brother! I'm really enjoying my time with Robin. This has been a great sacrifice for her to leave her family and I'm very grateful for her agreeing to come. I'm looking forward to our time together.

I will finish this post by updating you on my shoes because I know you are all wondering how my new boots are doing. Well I think they are doing really well because they are sitting in a shoe repair shop back home. I took them in to have a heel replaced because I lost it in the snow the last day we were here. The shop was right by Josh's work and I had him running around doing so many errands for me on Thursday he forgot to pick them up and I forgot to remind him. So I brought these black loafer type shoes which would have worked great except for the snow that turns into slush. I figure I will just watch my step and I'll be fine. Robin and I leave the apartment this morning, me in my short loafers and her in the custest golashes I have ever seen. They look like a black cowboy boots! We get to the first street crossing and I choose my steps carefully and step out onto these two little islands of asphalt sticking out of the puddles and slush. Problem was they weren't exposed asphault they were dirty puddles with ice floating on top. My left foot is completely submerged and my right goes in half way. My left foot is soaking wet and half way up my calf my jeans are wet and dirty. Oi!! So our first order of business was to get me some golashes. and after I got out of the store my first order of business was to jump in a puddle. I'm happy to inform you that they are waterproof! yippee!

We get to see my lovies in the morning and I'm so excited!! Thank you Jesus!! I will give them big hugs from you all!


  1. Can't wait to see the boys.Love hearing you mis adventures with Robin.Soo fun.Glad you finally got some good shoes.LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. It was great to meet you! We will be praying for you guys and your boy!

  3. Hey Autumn,

    I love reading about your adventures. You crack me up. I think you and Robin should be called Lucy and Ethel for this trip. :) I'm feeling a little "home sick" for the region after reading your post. We still talk daily about the other children at the orphanage. I have found a fellow adoptive mom who is going to help us advocate for Sonya and Shawna. If you see them please give them a hug from us. Can't wait to see new pictures of you with the boys.
    Praying for a good 2nd trip,

  4. Bahahahaha!!! Oh sorry... that was just me cracking up at your (mis)adventures! Thank you for sharing Autumn! I can just SEE you in that puddle.. why? Because that is something that *I* would do!! Can't wait to see the kiddos tomorrow, I'll be they will be SO excited to see you!! YAY! Almost home!