Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 4-

If this picture doesn't melt your heart then I don't know what will!

This is the monkey that has my voice recorded in it. Robin would play it for Yuri and he would put his head on it. Then he would be throwing the ball and any toys she would give to him but when she picked up the monkey he wouldn't throw it but would put his head on it listening.

look at those eyes!

He has his Momma's ears.

Notice the ball in mid-flight

He walked quite a bit today. He kept wanting to let go of Robin's hands but she explained that Momma's don't allow walking without hand holding till you get bigger. He submitted to this and kept walking until he got tired.

Listening to music

This was later in the visit and I was trying to walk him around to soothe him.

Aren't they beautiful together? These two are best buds!

Lovin' on my baby.

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We went to the orphanage today and when we walked in there was a little boys with CP who was being carried by nurse talking to the doctor. He was sobbing. :o( I don't know what was going on. I don't know if it was anything or nothing but it was hard to see. I want to make it ok. I want to make it better. I want to bring all the kiddos home with me. Oi!

Our driver, Valentin, worked his magic and got us into the room where the christmas pageant was held. It was a big, quiet, non stinky room which was very nice. While he went to get the key he motioned us down the hall. I didn't know why or where to, so we went and stood in the zoo room. After standing there a minute or so I thought 'what if this isn't where we are supposed to be and what if they get the boys ready and come looking for us and can't find us because we are hiding with the rabbits!' So went back out into the hall and meandered down to the thier room. I poke my head in and caught a glimpse of the babies. They were both naked and being changed and dressed for our visit. I could hear sweet Julia talking and talking and then I realized why. They had put her in the crib with the 6 year old boy I had mentioned previously. He was very sweet with her and was trying to play with her. He was sitting up and using his hands which I thought was really great. She was laughing and playing with his crib toys.

They boys were being double teamed with wipe downs and diapering and dressing. It looked very rushed and harsh to me but the boys just went with it. We got them and went to the room and spread out. The boys were great for the first 30 minutes and then, as if the memories of yesterday flooded their brains, they were done. Even Bohdan! He was grunting at Robin so I took him, but that only lasted 10 minutes and then he started grunting at me and every attempt I made soothe him.

Yuri did good. He had his momements but overall had a good day. We didn't get to feed them today and they were happy to see the nurse come to get them. :o( Soon enough boys, soon enough you will learn that Momma's are for feeding and a lot of other great things. Only a few more days.

Thinking about that is exciting. We have to have the passports before the orphanage will release them to us even though Josh and I are listed as their parents on their birth certificates. A fact Tatianna casually told me yesterday as we walked out of the last birth certificate office. She said "you are now a mother. you are on the birth certificates. the boys are winkles." That is HUGE news! but we had so much to do we couldn't dwell on it. We had to rush to get more paperwork done. Anyway we will hopefully be able to get them on Friday or Saturday.

We will find out in the morning if we can get their passports on Friday. Please pray this is the case!! I hate to be a debbie downer (wah-wah) but I'm done. Stick a fork in me. I don't know why it is so soon this time but I'm already feeling the strain of wanting to go home really bad. I guess it is because I was only home such a short time in between trips and because Josh, my sweet hubby bestest friend, isn't here. And because I'm pretty sure Caius and Asher have disowned me. Asher won't talk to me at all on Skype. Caius usually will interact with me but today he wouldn't look at me.

Oh Lord I'm ready to be home with all my children. (sounds like a crumby soap opera)

So many of you have asked about the changing the date of birth. It is legal but it is rarely done. I was the first to ever change a child's date of birth in this region and we have the chance of being delayed because of the confusion it has caused.

I think I have answered all the question you all asked me in the comments. If not ask me again. ;o)
The count: 3 slips a piece today. The side walks are all ice!
So the interesting thing that happened today was.... I was taking a nap and woke up to an Air Raid siren. REALLY?! I go ask Robin if that was something on her computer making that noise but she just gave me the look like 'no and oh my gosh.' I went and hung my head out of the window to see what was going on. Turns out Robin and I were the only ones worried. Everyone else was walking around like usuall. We have no idea what it was but hope to find out.


  1. I am so overjoyed to see you with Yuri and Bohdan. I have been following your blog ever since I saw that you were going to be Yuri's mommy, and Bohdan too. I can't wait until you have these boys home, safe and sound. I think Yuri looks like one of my grandsons. Maybe that is why he is so captivating to me, but that boy does melt my heart. And Bohdan is such a sweetie. Praying all goes smoothly for Friday and safe travels home, and thanking God these precious boys are being rescued.

  2. Please don't feel the need to apologize! Our hearts ache for you and want you home too! Praying for peace and comfort for all of you. Praying for things to go quickly and smoothly with the passports! So when you get the passports then you can take the boys out?!? It was so nice to hear about Julia! I'm so glad you get to see her!

  3. I have a question: What is the purpose behind changing their birth dates on the birth certificates?

    I read back through the past few posts, but I couldn't find any mention of why this was necessary? I'm just curious. :o)

  4. My name is Laurie, and I linked to your blog after following Adeye and her journey to her precious girls. I have to thank you for being such a faithful blogger, as I look forward each and every day to updates on your beautiful boys. Those sweet treasures have already begun to change-it is clear they are experiencing the healing power of love-granted to them by our gracious Heavenly Father.
    I want to encourage you about your boys back home-that must be one of the hardest parts of adoption, I can't even imagine how much you must miss them. I'm certain this time without you will fade from their memory in no time, and their new life as they will come to know it will fill their heads with memories anew. You are giving them the gift of selflessness, the ability to love the unloved, the grace to share their parents with the less fortunate...these are the things they will remember for the rest of their lives as this brief time away from them begins to fade.
    I admire you so much, and I don't mind telling you that you have the two most beautiful boys EE has to offer!! They are breathtaking, and I look forward to following your blog when you get them home and life begins to unfold even more for them.
    Know that you have a blogging friend in California who is praying for you and all 4 of your boys this very evening. God bless you!
    Laurie Sparks

  5. Where did you get the monkey? I'm going to need one of those for my little guy.

  6. YEAH! They are Winkles!!! :) I'm sure you are done. I would be too. Enough visiting and enough playing ball(well, I mean trying to keep them entertained with very little to do). Enough being away from your family! I can't wait for you to grabl those babies up and walk out!!!!

    I also am interested in your house. But this is just pure nosiness. Will the boys share a room? Do Asher and Caius share a room right now? Do you have all the furniture you need? Wish I was closer so I could give you some gifts! I can't wait for you all to get home. :)