Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 21- Sunday smiles

Here is another picture of sweet, precious Sonya! She is absolutely too cute for words. My friend Caleb got to play with her for about 10 minutes and he fell in love. He said they played where he would blow his cheeks up with air and she would 'pop' his cheeks so all the air would come out and then they would both LAUGH! Oh how I wish against wish that her Mommy & Daddy find her soon. The thought of her being transfered sickens me. She is so smart, bright, cute, I could keep going. I hate the thought of her losing that sparkle in her eyes. Please repost this picture, get the word out, pray for her. I know her Momma and Daddy are out there somewhere. Maybe even reading this blog :o).

So today was Sunday so we didn't visit the orphanage. We slept in which I greatly needed because I was startled out of bed yet again by huge fireworks being set off on the street below us at 2 am. Josh? nothing.... didn't even stir. That man can sleep through anything.

We ventured out today and found everyone in an odd mood. People were laughing, smiling, and overall happy! Generally they are more somber but today was different. Many families were out at the festival/ carnival and were on their way home. I figured this cuz the kiddos couldn't stay awake and many had already konked out. So Cute!!

We tried to help our friends clean up at the coffee shop last night but all we managed to do was learn thier dust pan was horrendous and Josh in his attempt to mop tore their rubber gloves. So we went in search of those items tonight. Found the dust pan, forgot the gloves. There's always tomorrow.

So tromping around the town tonight I ran a crosswalk. Every one else stopped but I was half way through and just took off running right in front of a car turning right. Now generally I would have been rewarded for my bravery with a honk but I got nothing. Well I did get a head shake from Josh but that's just not the same.

Then when we went to the carnival to find this vendor selling souveniers we walked up on some steps. No big deal we had been up there before but there was this older gentleman standing there looking official. I wondered if we were doing something wrong and glanced at him with a small smile. He let us get all the way past him and then he started yelling at me. I turned and said in the native language "Do you speak English?" He kept going. I shrugged and kept walking. He kept yelling and then put up one finger and then two. We just kept going. We found out the vendor was gone so we had to turn around. Josh took us a different way though so I wouldn't get yelled at anymore. LOL. We still have no idea what that was all about. :o)

Then we were at a transfer station in the Metro. We go down and try to find which train to get on. Some mummbling happens between us, I think we decide to get on the right one so I take off. I'm pushing through the crowd who are not giving in the slightest. I can see Josh behind me but he doesn't have as much exuberance as I. The train has been there a while and I'm afraid the doors are going to close soon so I run and jump on the train. I turn and look back, checking to see if Josh is going to make it and if I need to throw my body in the door to keep it from shutting. Josh isn't even close and he is telling me that I'm on the wrong train!! I look around and not only am I on the wrong train, I'm the ONLY one on the train. CRAP!! So in total embarrassment I leap off the train, the doors close and it takes off.

I told Josh he would have been totally freaked out if the doors would have shut and I would have been whisked off. He replied, oh yeah, I would have sat here to make sure you were on the train and then I would have ran! My knight in shining armour. I swear, this is true love!!

I will say that this is one of th hardest things I have gone through. I can't say the hardest cuz Caius' heart surgeries rank way up there. Anyway, I have been totally enjoying spending this one on one time with my hubby. He is my bestest friend and we have been having fun playing cards, watching foreign TV and exploring the city. We started getting packed up today and I got giddy. I CANNOT wait to see my two other lovies! I'm not excited to leave Yuri and Bohdan by any means but I hope the time will go by quickly and we will all be home before we all know it. Only two more sleeps till court! Thank you Jesus.


  1. Please forgive this long rambly comment, but I can't find an email address to contact you on your blog. I found your blog through No Greater Joy through MckMama's. I have been so blessed and AMAZED by your story. God does indeed do awesome things when we go for it with reckless abandon! Our birth daughter is a former 26 week preemie who has had multiple heart surgeries and now has a mechanical heart valve and a pacemaker. We felt led to give children a home and have since proudly fostered 5 kids ages newborn to 14. Boy does life get crazy when you double your family size overnight and throw teens into the mix! Your family's dedication and commitment to travel (and leave your young boys back in the US) and bring home two special needs children would be inspiring and amazing enough on it's own, but the fact that you have a medically fragile little one of your own is just truly remarkable to me. I am in awe. And a little curious what God has in store for bringing me to all these blogs. Know that I am praying for your family, your four boys, safe travels and all the little ones that have to be left behind.
    May God continue to bless you in 2011.
    Amanda Rowan

  2. Oh and thanks SO much for your posts! My sister's sister and brother in law spent 3 months in the Ukraine Jan-March 2010 bringing home their sibling group of three. Reading your detailed posts and seeing all your pictures makes me feel a little bit like I am there. I know blogging is time consuming and I'm guessing your internet connection isn't the fastest, but know that even strangers in Nevada are being blessed and inspired by your posts. Many prayers!

  3. I love reading your daily updates-yea- and your story is followed all the way from South Africa as well. It is amazing to see how Bohdan is changing day by day.He seemed to have a very blank stare in the beginning but he is becoming quite a little character. Yuri seems to be more complex, but I think everybody that follows Adeye's blog and Hailee's journey, just know what a tremendous work god can do, using a loving family. I pray that God may be with you during court and that He will protect you on your way home and take care of all your boys.

  4. Autumn, I'm so sorry but OH MAN!! I am totally rolling here!! Hehe I love you!! I'm so happy that you are making this an adventure (when you can). Praying for smooth court(it's easy peasy!), and easy travel home!!!

  5. Strangers in California are also blessed! Thank you for taking the time to blog about your experience. I hope very much to embark on my own journey sooner than later. Safe travels home!