Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mount Doom - leg 1

Well we are in Mordor and have started up the mountain. We are about 1/4 way to the top. I forgot to mention last night in my Lord of the Rings analogy that we have snuck around sleeping giants!

Anywho, we are in Munich. We left the apartment a little after 4am and our plane left around 7am. Josh called our pediatrician who gave me a dosage on the sedative we brought with us. It seemed high to us so we thought, we will give him have a half of a tablet (full tablet is a single dose) and then see how he does. 30-45 minutes later, the only change was that his eyes stayed closed a little longer when he blinked and he was much more aggitated. We gave him the other half of the tablet and started to board the plane.

Of course we have to go out on a bus and then off the bus and up the outdoor stairs to the plane. COLD!!! We pick up the boys and start to fold up the stroller. Now the stroller is new to us. Some fabulous family left a double stroller in country with our driver for anyone who needed one. I had gone looking for a stroller the other night and after going to 5 baby stores and mega markets I found nothing. So Niko suggested that we switch ours out with the double and Oh man I'm glad we did. This thing is a life saver. Both boys are doing well in it. Anyway another passanger comes to help us fold up the stroller. We learned the hard way that you can't fold it up while either seat is reclined. The man kept pushing and pushing and pushing. because of the language barrier I couldn't explain the problem and was pulling on the other end. I had covered Bohdan's head with a blanket and he was not happy. So my right hand is fighting to keep the blanket on Bohdan's head and my left hand and foot are fighting this guy to stop pushing on the stroller. So we finally get it popped out, the seats fixed and folded up. The man starts to put on the bungy cord and I notice that Robin is wrestling Yuri. He is beside himself. The cold and the noise of the plane was just too much. So we run up the stairs scooting by everyone and they were very nice to let us pass. Yuri continued all the way to the seats.

Robin rocked and soothed him but nothing was working. Then they turned off the cabin lights and he started to calm down. This of course was after a lot of dirty looks from people going out of their way to get up out of their seats to turn around and give it to us. We just shrugged it off. So its been over an hour since his last does and he is just barely asleep. If Robin moved her arm, which was asleep by the way, he would wake up. And not just wake up, he would wake up fighting mad and start screaming and kicking and flailing. She could calm him down and then something would stir him ( like the air conditioning come on and blowing on him) and it would happen all over again. Finally there was a little silence and then they turned the lights back on. Oi! He lost it. She would hold him close, let him just lay there, she tried everything and he was out of control!! I got another half of a tablet and gave it to him. Then him and I went to the back. I tried to rock him and he wouldn't have it. So we went to the bathroom. The stall had a changing table and I laid him on it. He was not happy but after a little bit he was soothed by the vibration. So I took him back and laid him on the floor and he fell asleep, still not a deep sleep but when he would wake up he wasn't freaking out. Poor little dude! What has he been on that this masive sedative barely touches him?

On a funny note, at passport control we had out all our passports. I tell Robin that I will keep her passport with the others in my jacket pocket. She agreed since she packed her jacket. Anyway, we get to Munich and they ask for passports... only three come out of the pocket! I look at Robin, she said 'Your kidding me!" I said ,"no" Now I don't know what look I have on my face but I am terrified. Obviously my face didn't match my feelings because Robin kept thinking I was joking. We started checking pockets and finally I found it. Whew!! Thank goodness..... then we noticed it was mine that was missing not hers!

Cool note, as we boarded the plain a man from the Ukraine asked if Bohdan has Downs Syndrome. I said yes. He said "I have a 7 year old son with DS!" WOW! He said that he and his wife are working with other parents of children with DS to help raise awareness in Ukraine. He mentioned the foundation they work with and said they are working on a scholl for their children since children with DS are not allowed in the public schools there. It was great to meet him!

Alrighty we are going to continue up the mountain, Yuri is passed out in the stroller and we leave 40 minutes, the plane ride will be 8 hours so hopefully he will stay asleep the whole time. I will update you again when I can!


  1. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!!! Praying for you today for this last bit and especially for Yuri.May God give you wisdom what to do when you're at the end of your rope....and patience and understanding for all the passengers around you. I pray now that God will give you special favor with the passengers. God bless

  2. My comment just disappeared... I'll try again and hopefully it won't appear two times.

    I'm sorry to hear that Robin had a difficult time with Yuri, I am so glad that she is with you!!

    By the time you read this post, Mount Doom should be well behind you! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us, and praying that everything will work out on the way home.

  3. Praying! And then some more. What an adventure, but you are on your way. HOME. So cool.

  4. I've been following your story for a few weeks now - I just cannot wait for the "we're home !!" posting !! Hugs to you all - not long now !!

  5. Autumn, Was it Sergey that you met??? I bet it was! He is so nice. He is the president of their Down syndrome association.

    I am saying a prayer that your flight to the US is a lot less stressful for Yuri. Bless his little heart! We'll be looking forward to the homecoming photos!!!

  6. Praying for safe and peaceful travel. I cannot believe you all are almost home! YEAH wow what an amazing journey from the beg. to the end! It has been just wonderful following you! Robin you are just amazing to go out there and help her! The boys are just soooo CUTE! I love their smiles and can't wait to see the entire family picture! Blessings to you all! Two more rescued!

  7. Been praying for the boys a lot today. So excited for you to get them home!

  8. Praying for all of you. Cant wait to hear when you are on American soil. God Bless. The Tarks

  9. Bless you - thinking of you and praying for you. The only thing you need to remember for the next several hours is "Help me Jesus - help me get through this day." He will.

    karen shervheim :)